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The Best Fitbit Deals for Amazon Prime Day

  Amazon Prime Day Fitbit Deals


Amazon Prime Day can be troublesome to sort. The two-day sale only for Prime members offers around one billion products, from smart watches to televisions and underwear. That's why we've done the work for you to find the best deals. At the moment you can get a new Fitbit at unbeatable prices.

There's no shortage of fitness trackers, but Fitbit offers a wide selection of timepieces that fit your style preference and wallet. Although you definitely do not need a device to stay fit, you can be more active with counting without going to the gym. In fact, many people lose weight by taking more steps.

If you've been thinking about buying a fitness watch, now is a good time to test one. Here are the best fitbit deals you can find on Amazon Prime Day.

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Fitbit Alta HR

The slim Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker is perfect for those who do not like the bulkier smartwatch styles. This model records your steps, monitors your heart rate, and reminds you to move more during the day.


Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch


$ 249.95

169.95 USD (32% discount)

The Fitbit Iconic is perfect for those who need a little boost during training to master the distance. With the watch, you can choose from a variety of workouts with gradual coaching. And since music is essential for any workout, you can keep 300 of your favorite jams.


Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker


149,95 USD

119,95 USD (20% discount)

With the Fitbit Charge 3 you can measure calorie burning, resting pulse and sleep phases. You'll also receive text and app notifications without stare at your phone. Batch 3 is now waterproof, allowing you to track distances during swimming laps. This style is chunkier than the super-slim Alta, but easy for those who do not like bulky smartwatches.

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