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The best energy bars to fuel your exercise

While energy gels have become the source of fuel for most runners and cyclists, there are times when cravings for solid foods are insatiable. Energy bars are slightly less favorable than gels, especially if you try to eat or ride them during the race, but they make up for that by being more satisfying altogether – and many people think that they are less likely to cause stomach problems ,

Energy bars are naturally high in calories and carbohydrates, which means that (a) you should exercise before or after your meal and (b) they tend to be delicious.

For most exercises, lasting less than 60 minutes, you can get all the energy you need from your normal diet. However, if you do a long workout or train a few times a day, a small extra boost is not bad

Here are eleven great bars to consider when you're chasing a bar for your workout to strengthen.

OTE Crispy Rice Duo Bar

These are not your grandmother's crispy rice cakes, though they could be forgiven for other thinking when You unpack them first. However, the two Rice Krispies-like bars in each pack have been designed by professional sports nutrition experts to deliver exactly what you need for your athletic performance. Each bar contains 20g of carbs, for a total of 40g in the 65g pack plus 7g of protein. There are vanilla and chocolate flavors, both at the top of the sweet scale, as you would expect from a Rice Krispies cake – no, demand -.

Buy on Amazon | £ 25.43- £ 26.20 for 12 bars

NamedSport Total Energy Fruit Cranberry & Nuts

As professional journalists, we always take detailed notes when you try something. Here are the notes for this bar: "Oh yes. Very yes that's the stuff. "It's a very tasty bar with just the right sweetness and a marzipan kick. Each vegan Friendly 35-gram bar contains 30 grams of carbs and consists of nuts, rice, honey and fruits.

Buy at NamedSport | £ 1.70

Lucho Dillitos Bocadillo

A product that promises you a quick boost of energy comes directly from Colombia. Bocadillos are made from the guava plant and not much else – the only other ingredient in the original flavor is sugar (15%), with raspberry and coffee versions also available. As for the taste, the jelly baby is sweet as it is for a product containing 22.4 grams of carbohydrate per block, of which 22.4 grams is sugar. There is not much else than a trace of salt, plus vitamin C, calcium and iron (FTW plants). And the whole thing is packed in a biodegradable banana leaf.

Buy at Amazon | £ 13.99 + shipping for 10-pack

PHD Smartjack

If you want to stuff as much protein into your diet as possible, you should check out these flapjack bars that contain crowbars in 15g of the substance like some protein bars – with whey and caseinate. However, we have classified it as an energy bar, as it consists predominantly of oatmeal, which accounts for the 27g of carbohydrates in each 60g calorie, 222 calorie bar. Some sort of witchcraft must be responsible for making sure that the blueberry muffin flavor tastes legitimate like a blueberry muffin, but all three smartjack tastes hit the mark. In fact, these were so popular that there were quarrels in the office when the rehearsals were split … and as is known, spoiled journos fighting for free life are the highest form of flattery.

Buy from PHD | £ 17.99- £ 19.08 for 12 60g ingots

SIS GO Energy Bar

The good news of SiS energy bars is that there is something for everyone – there are small bars, large bars, bars with protein alongside Carbohydrates and caffeine bars for an extra boost of energy … And the better news is that all these bars are damn delicious. The SiS GO bars are pleasantly moist and there is an impressive array of favors, including reliable viewers like Chocolate Fudge and other intriguing options like Banana Fudge. You can never have too many fudge options, we say, though the taste of apple and blackcurrant has convinced us. It was almost refreshing. The bars also convince with hard numbers: 25 g of carbohydrates in the 40 g Mini Bar, which also contain 4.7 g of protein. The 60g GO Energy + Protein Bar contains 35g of carbohydrate, which, along with 10g of protein, results in a well-rounded recovery experience after a strenuous run or cycle.

Buy from SIS | £ 24 for 20 40g bars (mixed flavors)

The Primal Pantry

It's a good sign to know how everything looks on the ingredient list. These vegan bars tend to mix dates (from sweetness) with a variety of nuts and seeds (an integral part of a balanced diet, not to mention a vegan), and there are six flavors to choose from, with the lowest carbohydrate content is still at the party with more than 16g of the stuff. We tried the Acai Berry and Superseed Flavor – and came back. It has a light, very tasty flavor that is not overly sweet, even though it contains 15 grams of sugar as part of the 20 grams of carbohydrates. There are also 4g fiber and 5g protein. A sure-fire winner in our book.

Buy at Amazon | £ 22.50 for 18 45 g bar

Clif Bars

The tastiest bar on the market, no. Each bar in Clif's assortment – highlights include the Chocolate Almond Fudge, the Crunchy Peanut Butter and the Cool Mint Chocolate Bars – is made from rolled oatmeal, giving you over 4g of fiber for 40g of carbs and about 10g Carbohydrates get protein they contain.

Buy at Amazon | £ 17.30 for 12 68 g ingots

Snact Banana Bar

You know that what counts inside counts, but do you know that you should extend that mindset to bananas? Snact does it. His energy bars combine ugly, rejected bananas with oats and pumpkin seeds to pack 17g-19g carbohydrates and 3g protein and 2g fiber. There are three flavors, but for our money the carrot & spice roasts beetroot cocoa and apple & cinnamon thanks to the tasty trinity of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. It's like a piece of carrot cake being squeezed into an energy bar.

Buy from Snact | £ 5.99 for five 35-g bars

Sens Energy Bar

The catch to these energy bars is that they are made with cricket flour. Each bar has about 55 crickets, which accounts for the 7.7 g of protein in the dark chocolate and orange flavor bar, making it particularly eco-friendly, as crickets require less water, land and food than farm animals. Do not worry – they are also almost tasteless. The Dark Chocolate And Orange bars are our vote, but the Pineapple And Coconut flavor is also true.

Buy on Amazon | £ 23.99 for 12 50 g ingots

Bounce Energy Balls [194559009]

If you prefer your energy to become spherical Shape, no further than Bounce Balls Palette. There are flavors for every taste, with Apple and Cinnamon winning our taste buds, and each ball is made of nuts and seeds to add some protein to the mix. Each 40g ball contains 15-20g of carbohydrates plus a few grams of fiber and about 10g of protein.

Buy at Amazon | £ 19.98 for 12 42g balls

High5 Energy Bars

These bars are not protein, fiber, and indeed carbohydrates, but are composed of 40g in 60g bars A mix of produce produces grains and fruits (of which there are enough to count to the five a day, which is a bonus). They are meant to be eaten before or during exercise, which means they are easier to chew and swallow than the other bars on this list. In terms of taste, Wild Berry is the choice, but there are also options for bananas, coconuts and peanuts.

Buy on Amazon | £ 19.75 for 25 55g ingots


Veloforte offers a classic energy bar. The natural bars are stylishly packed and even have fancy names. More importantly, they taste reddishly good, with the Bars Classico and Di Bosco 2017 even receiving the Great Taste Awards. Fruity and nutty are the two words that best describe the flavors, and the texture is certainly on the tough side – you'll struggle to skip a bar during the activity, but they're a top option before you start or in the breaks. Each 70 g bar contains about 45 g of carbohydrates, 3 to 4 g of fiber and 5 to 6 g of protein.

Buy at Veloforte | £ 6.99 for three 70-g ingots

Soreen Mal Loaf Bar

There are many fancy ideas and novel recipes on this list, and the 80-year-old bakery Soreen is not left behind – oh no. It has taken the malt bread for which it is famous, and made it a malt bread. If the maxim should go, she should not fit in a bag. And it's definitely not broken: the slowly released carbs, B vitamins and amino acids make the squidgy, sweet treat a favorite of athletes from such diverse disciplines as running and rugby. The bar contains 24 g of carbohydrates per 42 g portion, but surprisingly light 124 calories for a dense, heavy snack with it.

Buy from Muscle Food | £ 4.95 for ten 42g bars

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