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The Best Disposable Face Masks To Buy In 2020, By Reviews

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In the meantime you have covered yourself up with cute face masks made of fabric. You know the hack to use when your mask is too loose and you are basically a pro at preventing dreaded masks. They even know how to make your own face mask in a pinch.

But let’s face it, sometimes all you need is a disposable mask. They are one-time use so you don’t have to worry about washing (who has the time?). If you misplace them, it’s no big deal, which is especially relevant for kids (or their forgetful parents). and you can get packs of different colors to change depending on your outfit choice that day.

Face masks remain “one of the most powerful weapons we must use to slow and contain the spread of COVID-19,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Disposable face masks often come in packs of 50 to 100 pieces. The cost is typically less than $ 1 per mask, so it’s budget-friendly too.

The best thing? On Amazon you can find countless different disposable masks at the push of a button. Whichever you choose, make sure your mask fits snugly around your face, covers your nose and under your chin, has multiple layers of fabric – ideally at least three – and is secured with ear loops or ties. According to user reviews, these are the best disposable masks on Amazon right now.

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Best simple disposable mask

Disposable 3-layer protective mask, 3-D Perfect Fit, face mask with a soft layer of skin – pack of 50

This lightweight, breathable option is one of Amazon’s best sellers and offers up to three layers of protection.

Enthusiastic review: “Back to the office after the COVID pandemic and nervous to be in close proximity with my colleagues. Buying a pack of 50 was the best option and these masks didn’t disappoint at all. They fit over my nose and mouth while still allowing me to breathe and talk on the phone (which I do all day). Bought them for me and ended up sharing them with several people who were annoyed with their masks for being too uncomfortable and preparing to buy another pack of 50. ”


Best disposable mask for kids

3-layer disposable mask for children – pack of 50

Designed specifically for smaller faces, these models come in a variety of colors – including an adorable pattern of pink or brown puppies – and offer multiple layers of protection to keep your child safe at school or in the playground.

Enthusiastic review: “My kids love these masks because they are comfortable and cute. And with the affordable price, I won’t be upset if they break it or lose it or decide to switch every day. ”


Best disposable mask without ear ties

Disposable face mask with 3 layers

Tired of the ear loops on your disposable mask popping out or stretching or just not working? Get rid of ear loops entirely with this clever design that features an elastic strap behind your head that is tight and comfortable.

Enthusiastic review: “I bought this because this Ohio company has an excellent reputation for quality and innovation. I wear hearing aids behind my ears. Therefore, it is very difficult for me to wear the masks that hang behind my ears. Such masks interfere with the hearing aid. This superb design fits easily and securely behind the neck. Easy to put on; easy to take off. No problems with my hearing aids. “


Best individually wrapped disposable masks

Individually packaged disposable face masks from WeCare – pack of 50

Throw a pack of these on your hall table and you won’t have to worry about leaving home unprotected. These are also great for any small gatherings you are planning – consider them the perfect COVID era party favor.

Enthusiastic review: “We bought these for a golf trip in case people didn’t bring their own because they had to go in and have dinner. You were perfect! Individually wrapped, comfortable to wear and even provided with a thin piece of metal that you could pinch your nose. I’m so glad we had some left over so I could store my car, purse, and office! “


Best disposable mask with a little flair

Vanecia disposable 3-layer ear hook face masks

Maybe you don’t want to look like a doctor tonight. These three-layer masks come in six appealing pastel colors – including pink butterfly print – so you can combine them with your outfit. Take this, earrings.

Enthusiastic review: “I like the idea of ​​a disposable mask. These aren’t particularly fat, but they do the job and you can still have that little bite of fashion that so many people seem to want in their masks. “


Best mask with a disposable filter

Snoozie’s 3-Layer Reusable, Washable Face Mask – Dogs

Okay, this mask is technically reusable, but it contains four single-use filters that you can throw away and replace after each use.

Enthusiastic review: “This mask arrived on time and well packaged. I’ve tried many masks and this one has a very high priority in terms of fit and comfort. The adjustable ear loops allow an individual face adjustment. The nose clip is flexible, but looks very robust. The filter bag is easily accessible and the four neatly packaged filters that come with the mask are an added plus … Order now. ”


Best disposable mask gadget

Labato Mask Extender Hooks (Black, 5PCS)

If you already have a large pack of disposable masks and find that they just don’t fit properly, there is no need to throw them away. These ear loop extenders, which help adjust the fit and take some strain off the ears, can be especially important for those of us who have to wear masks for hours every day.

Enthusiastic review: “I’m a nurse and I always have to wear an N95 while working. I also wear a cloth mask when I’m in public. These changed the game. The pressure is finally off my ears. They work as planned … I would recommend them to anyone needing ear pressure / pain relief because of 😷 ”

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