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The Best Diets for Weight Loss and Overall Health, Rank: 2019

January is a crucial month. It is often a watershed moment for those who are thinking of making healthier choices, such as moving more and eating healthier.

That's why the US News & World Report rates the most popular diets every year (41 in total) and classifies them by category. They create a kind of hierarchy of eating plans that are best suited to overall health and body fatigue, which are best for rapid weight loss and which are optimal for the commercial route.

For 2019, the Mediterranean diet prevailed, ranking no. 1 in the best diets overall, as well as the best healthy diet diets, herbal diets and easiest diets to follow. If you're trying to lose weight and optimize your health, look at the nutrition plans below, including their ingredients.

The Best Diets Overall

  1. The Mediterranean Diet
    The Goal: Melt fat and avoid chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes.
    Pros: You can enjoy poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt in moderation. on special occasions eat sweets and red meat; and have red wine with your fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, legumes, olive oil and seafood. There is a wealth of research that supports this diet.
    Disadvantages: You need to account for calorie expenditure to lose or maintain your weight, as well as your workouts.
  2. DASH Diet
    The Goal: The nutritional plan to end hypertension works as its name suggests: lowers blood pressure and promotes weight loss.
    Pros : It's straightforward. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat dairy products; eat less red meat, salt and high-calorie sweets. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute also offers free guided tours.
    Disadvantages: You may not lose as much weight as you would with other plans, as this is more about improving your health (not necessarily a bad thing)
  3. Flexitarian Diet
    The Goal: Get fat and live longer with optimal health.
    Pros: It is said that "flexitarians" weigh 1
    5 percent less than meat eaters. I live almost 4 years longer and can avoid heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
    Cons: If you really want to eat beef, this can be difficult. They also cook a lot themselves.

Best Diet for Weight Loss

  1. Weight Watchers Diet
    The Goal: Lose 2 pounds a week.
    Pros: The meal plan is flexible; You have access to a support group. and there are no hard limits to what you can and can not eat. You simply choose the most nutritious foods to keep you full longer. (ie your meals will contain less calories, saturated fat and sugar, and protein.)
    Disadvantages: It can get a little expensive, and summarizing your Meal Points is a pain.
  2. Volumetrics Diet
    The Goal: Drop 1-2 pounds per week.
    Benefits: Volumetrics was created by a nutritional professor at Penn State University and is more of an approach to healthy eating than a prescriptive diet. You will learn to identify and prioritize low-density foods that are low in calories but high in volume (think broth) to keep you full. It is also affordable because you do not buy books, programs or special ingredients. You will not feel hungry or starved.
    Cons : It might be easier to turn away from her because you have more freedom.
  3. Flexitarian Diet

Best Fast Weight Loss Diets

  1. Health Management Resources (HMR)
    The Goal: Decrease from 1 to 2 pounds per Week for an average of 23 pounds in the first 12 weeks; Maintaining weight is a top priority.
    Pros : The key to this diet is meal replacement, which is designed to help people lose 3 times their weight compared to traditional diets. You get low-calorie shakes, meals, food bars, multigrain cereals, and fruits and vegetables instead of other meals and snacks. They also receive food for the first 3 weeks to lose weight as soon as possible. You will then move on to the second phase, where the diet is less structured and you receive monthly food and weekly telephone coaching.
    Disadvantages: The first phase can be difficult to keep. It is a bit expensive, especially if you are not used to buying fruits and vegetables in large quantities. The first three-week HMR starter kit costs $ 301 and the two-week re-order kit costs $ 185.
  2. Atkins Diet
    The Goal: The diet consists of four phases. You cut carbohydrates and then gradually eat more until you reach your desired weight. Low carb diets force your body to burn fat as an alternative source of fuel.
    Pros: Protein and fat take longer to digest than carbohydrates, so you're fully on the diet. You'll see the weight loss fairly quickly (though it's initially due to water loss).
    Disadvantages: In the long run it is difficult to wait. People struggle with variety in food and food.
  3. Keto Diet
    The Goal:
    Lose weight quickly by getting your body to burn fat for carbohydrates and get into a state of ketosis.
    Pros : In the end, they will have less appetite and increase mood and energy, even if this initially is a difficult transition.
    Disadvantages: In the first few weeks you may experience headaches, tiredness and mental dizziness. This is hard to bear for a long time. It is better for a quick weight loss.

Best Commercial Diet Plans

  1. Weight Watchers Diet
  2. Jenny Craig Diet
    The Goal: Cut 2 pounds a week with the intention of keeping it off ,
    Pros : The correctly portioned, packaged meals take up the guesswork. They are tailored to you, just like the exercise plan. You will also receive a personal counselor to help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.
    Disadvantages : You lose some money on this plan: $ 99 for signing up, at least $ 19 a month for the "Premium". Program and $ 15- $ 23 a day for food.
  3. Nutritarian Diet
    The Goal : Losing (and maintaining) nutrient-rich foods, avoiding carcinogenic and chemical foods Carbohydrates with lower glycemic load.
    Benefits: They do not count calories and can eat any number of raw vegetables, cooked vegetables and nutritious beans / legumes, tofu and fresh fruits.
    Disadvantages: The 20-day and 6-week weight loss plans avoid dairy products, meat, animal products, fruit juices, oils, and no snacking.

Lightest Diets Follow

  1. Mediterranean Diet
  2. Flexitarian Diet
  3. Weight Watchers Diet

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