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The best Christmas gifts for runners

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to have close friends and family who are avid runners. In general, these times occur in the run-up to a big race, just thinking about this race and talking about it, especially when it's the full 42.2 km and Maranoia has started.

At other times, however, it is a real blessing At these times, there are all occasions when you need to buy gifts because enthusiastic runners never tire of getting more running. As long as you have the right stuff, that is, what you do when you stick to this list of superlative gifts.

Fillers and Accessories

Elastic Closure Laces

These quick-locking bungee laces are a tiny stocking filler that's the runner you buy Every time he ties his shoes before training, he saves for precious seconds. They will also be glad that in cold weather they do not have to remove laces with their frozen fingers.

Buy at Amazon | £ 4.99


Given the fact that most running shorts offer at most a small bag that is suitable for everything A single key, a running belt, is a very useful accessory that you need to have on hand – especially if you have to carry all the fuel and entertainment you need for long pre-marathon training sessions. The flip-flop sits on your skin so it does not jump around annoyingly on the hoof, and its long, narrow pockets fit a remarkable amount of stuff. As an added bonus, it's also an excellent travel belt if your run gondola also enjoys globetrotting.

Buy at Amazon | From £ 20 | Other treadmills

Tribe Sport Bibbits

This is the kind of gift that runners do not expect to make their lives over again a little bit better. Nobody, and we mean, no one likes playing around with safety pins to tag the t-shirts. This is a time-consuming test where you have to stab yourself regularly in the chest. These magnetic clips facilitate the process. Every runner should have something, but most do not.

Buy from Tribe Sports | £ 8.50

Medal Wall Display

Nearly all running events – from local 10Ks to World Marathon Majors – now reward the finishers with a medal, so enthusiastic runners will quickly collect a huge collection of them. Most runners do not feel the need to show all their medals, but there are always some special, mostly from events, where a PB was hard earned. This customizable display has hooks for hanging some medals and space for your Giftee to write down their PBs for a mile (5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon) so that they and everyone in the room always knows how fast they are. If you only want a standard medal holder, there are some great options on Amazon.

Buy at Not On The High Street | £ 35

Marathon Medal Showcase

Most people will run a marathon at most in their lifetime, and even those who tackle several marathons have one that stands out. This personalized showcase contains a graphic representation of the route of each marathon in the world, as well as the time and space of your Giftee to display your medal from the event. Keep in mind that they have traveled 42.2 km so that you can least honor this effort with a fancy frame.

Buy at Not On The High Street | £ 65

Running clothes and equipment

OOFOS OOriginal Black

After a hard training session or a race runner will need show some love to their feet, and the best way to do that is to get them out of sweaty coaches and into those padded recovery flip-flops. However, many runners do not think about what makes the Flip-Flops the perfect gift – they'll be surprised and grateful. In fact, you will probably get thanks again after each race you finish, a text.

Buy at OOFOS | £ 40

Periodic Table Runner T-Shirt

Sure, this is a small niche, but nailing a gift is often a If the right niches are hit. So, if you buy a gift for someone who is a fan of chemistry and running, this novel T-shirt should be set in motion.

Buy at Amazon | £ 9.93


Is there a greater gift that you can give to a runner than to eliminate the risk of scouring in the most sensitive area of ​​all? The lingerie for underwear is seamless and made with a sweat-wicking fabric, so that the wearer never needs to worry about irritation. You can get Runderwear briefs, boxers and extra long boxers.

Buy Men's Runderwear | Women buy at Runderwear | From £ 16 | More running underwear

Stance Socks

Who does not love to take off a pair of quality socks? Stance socks have the technical details that runners look for, such as quick-drying material that keeps bubbles and unpleasant odors out. The fantastic selection of designs means that you are sure to find a pair that your Giftee likes.

Buy Gentlemen of Stance | Women buy at Stance | From £ 11.99 | More Running Socks

Physical Company Performance Roller

All runners should consider relieving their aching muscles with some self-myofascial relief Foam rollers relax for you and me, so put the road surface in your life on the road to a better rest by treating them with this excellent roller.

Buy at Amazon | € 19,99 | Other foam rollers

Lululemon Surge Run Backpack II

Active commuting is one of the best ways to push one You need to spend a busy day, but if you do not have a proper backpack to carry all the gear you need for a day in the office, this can be an uncomfortable experience. This lightweight 16-liter backpack from Lululemon is big enough to change and has a sleeve for a 13-inch laptop. The Surge Run II also features adjustable chest straps to secure the bag so it does not jump around while running, and ventilated main straps with easy-access pockets for your phone and keys.

Buy from Lululemon | £ 98 | More Running backpacks

Running headphones and trackers

Jaybird Run


The Aftershokzzer below are ideal for People who want to get to know their surroundings while walking in busy areas. For the all-around functionality, the truly wireless Jaybird Run earphones are the best running headphones. The lightweight buds sound great, have a four-hour battery life and can be recharged twice with their case – and a secure fit means your Giftee can boost the tempo without the risk of the new headset falling out.

Buy at Amazon | £ 169.99 | Jaybird Run Review | Other running headphones

Aftershokz Trekz Air

Most runners already have headphones, but they are probably "traditional" bored. Headphones for which you need "ears". In contrast, these puppies use their bones to vibrate the music directly on the skull. It's not a gimmick either: it leaves your ears completely open to other sounds as you walk – like the car that comes out on the street behind you. They are also the only headphones approved in all British athletics races, many of which prohibit regular headphones. If the runner of your affection was not good enough to guarantee a pair of these premium cheek braces (as they are not mentioned), it is good to know that Aftershokz offers other models starting at £ 50. £ 149.99, buy at aftershokz.co.uk

Buy at Amazon £ 145 | Aftershokz Trekz Air Review | Other running headphones

Garmin Forerunner 35

You can find cheaper fitness trackers than the Forerunner 35 the best budget option for runners. This is because it has an integrated GPS, a heart rate monitor and the ability to create and track interval workouts on the watch itself.

Buy at Amazon | £ 124 | Garmin Forerunner 35 Review | Other running watches

Garmin Forerunner 935

At almost $ 500, this is the gift you gave your father on Father's Day But remember, he has invested many times in your food, shelter, education, and everything else to make you a distinguished citizen, who you are today. And the added bonus is that the gifts your siblings almost certainly look ridiculously bad. This is the best running watch on the market bar. Here's no reason to say why – if you want more information, read this thousand-word review of the Forerunner 935.

Buy at Garmin | £ 439.99 | Garmin Forerunner 935 review

Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus

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