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The best cable machine exercises for all levels

If you’re new to the gym, the cable device can look like a discouraging device. There are many different settings and usually only a few machines are available. The last thing you want to do is use one while there is a queue behind you, right?

We believe this is the wrong attitude, as does Andy McLelland, co-founder of the new London Gym Body Society, who says the device is a great way for gym beginners to build muscle.

“All of the exercises that are normally performed with free weights can be repeated on the cables,” says McLelland. “The cable machine is a great way to build muscle, especially if you’re a beginner at the gym or have an injury.”

It is also easy to use. There will be a carabiner that you can use to change attachments. The three main attachments are a rod, a split rope with two ends, and a D-shaped handle. Then there is the pulley to which the carabiner is attached. Remove the pen, move it up or down as needed, and then reinsert it. And of course there is the weight stack that, like all other weight machines in the gym, also uses a pen.

Below are McLelland̵

7;s top cable machine exercises for beginners, advanced, and advanced. You can choose the movements you want to try, or Put them all together for a full body workout. This can be particularly attractive when gyms reopen, as you can do your entire session on one cable device to minimize your touch points in a gym. For exercise, do each exercise for four sets of eight to 12 light weight reps.

Exercises for beginners cable machines

Curl cable biceps

Set the pulley on the tower to the lowest setting and attach the small rod tool. Hold the bar on your thighs with your palms facing away from you and your elbows to your sides. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and pull your biceps together to bend at your elbows and raise the bar to shoulder height. Then slowly lower the bar back to your thighs. The slower this exercise is performed, the more muscle you will gain as you keep the muscle under tension for longer.

Pull cable triceps down

This exercise is fantastic because it effectively isolates the triceps and does not allow you to cheat as much as possible with lots of free weight exercises. Move the pulley on the tower up and attach the rope handle. The pole tool can be used for this, but the rope leads to a much deeper contraction of the muscle.

Hold your elbows by your sides and hold the handles, pull your core together, and then pull your hands towards your hips until your arms are fully extended. Then slowly bring them back to their starting position. The slower this happens, the greater the effect of hypertrophy on your triceps.

Combining the biceps and triceps exercises is a great arm finisher that is perfect for building size and strength in the upper arm.

Pull the cable through

This exercise is a great way to complete the deadlift, an exercise that is difficult to master. Attach the rope handle to the pulley and set it to the lowest position. Hold the rope at least half a meter away from the machine and look away from it with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the rope between your legs with both hands and lean forward with your hips articulated. Then hold your chest and shoulders up, squeeze your buttocks, and push your hips forward to return to a standing position. Slowly return to the starting position.

Exercises for intermediate cable machines

Lift the cable to the side

Side elevations are a great way to strengthen your shoulders and increase the range of motion in the shoulder joint. By building the lateral deltoid muscles, you can also get a desirable look with broad shoulders. Set the machine to the lowest level and attach a handle. Hold the tower away from the machine with your right hand and the handle with your left. Tense your core, bend your elbow slightly, and lift your left arm sideways until your elbow reaches shoulder height. Slowly lower your arm.

One-arm cable row

This is one of our favorite exercises as we see many people with tense pectoral muscles and weak back and posture muscles who spend a large part of their day behind a desk. This exercise is ideal for strengthening your back muscles such as latissimus dorsi, traps and rhomboids.

Adjust the cable just below shoulder height and hold the handle in your left hand while looking at the cable machine. Stand about a meter from the machine and bend your knees slightly. While rowing, pull the handle towards your body while contracting the muscles around your spine until your elbow is at a 90 ° angle and next to your body. Slowly put the arm back to full extension and repeat the process.

Advanced cable machine exercises

Weighted abs

Weighted abdominal curls are far more effective than unweighted abdominal exercises like sit-ups and planks. Set the pulley to a high number like eight and attach the rope tool to the carabiner. Kneel towards the tower with the rope handles on both sides of your head. Squeeze your core together to bring your elbows to your thighs and make sure your hips are locked and not moving. Stop briefly at the bottom and then return to the starting position.

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