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The Best Budget Heart Rate Monitors Under £ 50

Opting for a "Heartbeat Tracker" has been used to compromise quality, but as technology has developed and has proliferated there. When looking for a bargain it's still advisable to focus on your chest straps, which are more likely to be accurate to the tracker's position close to the heart; So, since there's not the same expectation of additional features as with wrist-worn trackers, they're more likely to come in under £ 50.

HRM uses – Bluetooth or ANT + (some offer both) – and that's the device you're planning on syncing to (your smartphone or fitness tracker most likely) is compatible. For instance, Garmin only makes ANT + devices, which requires some extra steps to sync with.

Here are some of the most affordable heart rate monitors, in price or starting with the cheapest.

Garmin Soft Strap Premium Heart Rate Monitor


You'll forget this incredibly comfy HRM as HIIT session has you all over the place. The cell battery will last three to four years if you use it for an hour-long session every day. Garmin products, it's ANT + compatible only so if you're an iPhone owner, you can not stand up for it.

Buy on Amazon | £ 27.95

Kalenji Smart Belt

The in-house running of Decathlon is a great way to kit yourself out with the basics for less. Its runtime, Runtastic Pro, Endomondo, and Strava on iOS, although it's short for Endomondo and Runtastic Pro. Like the Garmin, it uses a coin battery.

Buy from Decathlon | £ 29.99

Beurer PM25

German brand Beurer makes these are available from Amazon and Argos. The PM25 hits the sweet spot between price and performance – it's waterproof and comes with a hard-wearing heart to support your wrist during your workouts.

Buy on Amazon | £ 19.54

Huawei Band Pro 2

bargain. When you're playing at a stable pace the band Pro 2 wants to keep up with your pulse – just do not expect it to keep up with the rapid changes of interval training. The advantage of plumping for a wrist-worn monitor is that when it's paired with the app it's a VO2 max estimate, and since it's been designed to be worn 24/7 it'll also give you a resting heart rate measurement (as long as you turn on the battery draining continuous heart rate monitoring option.)

Buy on Amazon | £ 39.45 | Huawei Band Pro 2 review

Wahoo Ticker

The Wahoo Ticker calorie burn during workouts and connects to popular apps like Strava to add that data to your activities. If you're willing to spend another £ 25 it may be upgrading to the Ticker X (£ 64.99). HIIT sessions.

Buy on Amazon | £ 39.99

Moov HR Burn

The RRP is £ 59.99 but you should be able to find it for under £ 50, and we'd recommend blowing the £ 50 budget which is both Bluetooth and ANT + compatible. Moov's smart coach, a verbal and / or visual service which wants to guide you through workouts and ensure you are working in the right heart rate zone. Impressive stuff at this price.

Buy on Amazon | £ 47.45

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