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The best bike covers to protect your ride from the elements

The joy of owning a bike comes from riding it. From the flight to and from the office to avoid traffic jams and public transport. I spend all Sunday exploring the countryside with friends.

The joy absolutely doesn’t come from figuring out where to store your bike if you don’t have a shed or garage.

However, it’s an essential question for many bike owners, especially those who live in apartments, perhaps with roommates who aren’t keen on the idea of ​​squeezing past a bike in the hallway every time they get home.

Often times the only option is to store your bike outside, which means you will need a bike cover. Unless you want to constantly have to repair the damage caused by the elements.

Of course, you want your bike cover to be waterproof, or at least waterproof, and also to block out UV rays, which can also damage your bike over time. Openings through which you can lock your bike are also useful if you plan to leave it in a front yard.

You can also get covers for bikes stored indoors that don̵

7;t need to be waterproof but keep the bike from getting scratched or smeared grease on people who pass too close. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable options for £ 35 or less.

The best bike covers

BikeParka URBAN

The large cross on the side of this cover is a Velcro opening that you can use to block your rear wheel and frame it when the cover is on. The cover is waterproof and can be stowed in a pack sack. You can even slide the cover into the sack wet and take it with you as it will not be damaged if kept wet. For those looking for extra security, there is a camouflage pattern on the URBAN cover as you can’t steal what you can’t see, can you?

FWE storage coverage

This basic cover fits all bikes up to a handlebar width of 680mm and has a drawstring at the bottom that allows you to completely encase your bike and tighten the cover so the wind has less chance of grabbing it.

Buy from Evans Cycles | £ 26.99

B’TWIN bicycle protection cover

The B’TWIN cover is a good bargain. It costs less than £ 15 and is big enough to cover pretty much any bike, even if you have a luggage rack and basket on it. While it’s only good for protection from light rain, that should be enough if you’re parking a bike in a sheltered area like a balcony. If your bike is exposed to more flooding, it is better to choose a more waterproof option.

Buy from Decathlon | £ 14.99

BEEWAY bike cover

This waterproof nylon cover fits on a bike or two and has side holes through which you can slide a lock through the front wheels below. Both versions are big enough to cover most bikes and have a lower strap that can tighten the material so it’s less likely to be blown free during storms. We bought one of these in 2017 and it’s still going strong, despite having to fix the strap after a particularly bad winter storm.

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