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The best abdominal training for all levels of gymnastics

Not just six-pack seekers should pay close attention to their abdominal muscles when they visit the gym. Strong abs are an essential part of a solid core that should be one of the goals of every fitness regime.

That's because a strong core is the foundation upon which so many other things rest – whether that's a good posture that helps to prevent low back pain from sitting at your desk all day long, or the mobility and power required for sports and other activities, from athletics to zumba.

Creating a powerful diaphragm will also help you perform better All kinds of other moves in the gym. Strength exercises such as barbell squats and deadlifts also require a strong core, such as flexibility training and plyometric exercises.

The list of benefits of adding abdominal training is endless. And who will complain if you also form a picture-perfect six-pack at the same time?

To ensure that you have a set of exercises that are appropriate for your workout experience to supplement your abdominal training, Coach commissioned Fitness First Personal Trainer Luke Chamberlain and Carl Martin, Personal Training Manager at Equinox , for a selection of her favorite moves for beginners, advanced and advanced.

Beginner abdominal exercises


 ] Plank

A classic of all time. Keep a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles as you lean on your forearms and toes.

"The plank is ideal for beginners and there are only minimal movements, so the likelihood of it going wrong is lower," says Chamberlain.

"It's also easy to scale – start with 20 seconds and wait for 60 seconds. Make sure that you move your core backwards by tilting the pelvis to make it a little lower – a curved back is to be avoided.

Leg Raise

Lie flat on your back. Keep your legs as straight as possible and lift them until they are vertical or as close as possible. Lower it and repeat the process.

"This interferes with your lower abdominal muscles, and you engage your core by pressing your lower back to the floor."

"To make things easier, poke your knees in and start with Her knees raised legs, then slowly lower to the floor. Once you master this, begin to keep your legs straight as you return to the top position.

"When you feel a low back sensation, place your hands under your buttocks to keep your lower back flat. Start with sets of five raises and work toward 15. "

Hand Slide Crunch

Lie flat with your feet on the floor and knees bent. Put your hands on your thighs and slowly push them up towards your knees.

"This does not have to be a big move," says Chamberlain. "Concentrate on closing the gap between your ribs and hips by lifting your shoulders off the ground, keeping the contact between the floor and your lower back.

Start with five-sets and work at 15. "

Abdominal Exercises

Mountain Climber

" Start with one knee with one knee between the elbows and only the back foot on the floor, "says Chamberlain." Jump the hind foot off the floor and swap him out with the forefoot.

"Concentrate on the abdominal muscles to protect the spine and increase intensity, a great exercise to burn calories and develop your abs, starting with 30 seconds climbers and working 60 seconds

Hand Walk-Out

Get on all fours and put a slider or towel under your feet, then support your core and move forward with your hands, pulling your body and spinning Do your hips as little as possible.

"The intensity increases quickly, so start with 30 seconds and work your way down to 60 seconds," says Chamberlain.

Abs Roll-Out

"With one A belly roll or a dumbbell with weight plates kneel on a soft surface and grab the roller with your hands just a little wider than shoulder width, "says Chamberlain.

"Start by rolling the dumbbell or roller slowly away from your knees It is important that your hips are facing forward to align your knees, hips, and shoulders, and if you are in control of rolling away, try You maintain the hip and spine position while rolling the weights back. Try to avoid pushing your hips back into the air on the way back, as this will ruin the purpose of the exercise (although this is okay.) At startup) This is ideal for quickly improving the strength of your core, starting with five repetitions and working up to 15. "

Advanced Abdominal Exercises

Pallof Press

" There are four main functions of the core: flexion, "There are others – these are just the big four."

"We tend to be the first three with different lateral diffraction isometric contraction and anti-rotation." To cover forms of crunching (flexion), lateral bends (lateral flexion) and planks (isometric contraction). The Pallof press sits in the anti-rotation mount with a touch of isometric contraction.

"Set up a cable machine with a D-grip at chest height. Stand sideways on the cable machine and hold the handle firmly with both hands and fingers. The starting position holds the handle in the center of your rib cage. Bend your knees slightly and stretch the cord until your arms are straight. Pause for two – the goal is not to let the weight of the machine get carried away so that you can withstand rotation with your core. Bring the handle back to your chest and repeat for ten repetitions. "

Hollow Body Rock

" We often neglect the muscles we can not see, especially in the midsection, "says Martin. "This exercise trains the inner core muscles.

"Begin to lie on your back – the goal is to smooth your back or push into the ground. Maintain this position throughout the movement. Bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. Begin by lifting the shoulders off the ground while lifting your knees and feet at a 90 ° angle from the ground. Start with this posture as you press your back into the ground, rocking back and forth. Start with 20 seconds to start. To make the exercise more difficult, you can extend the time. Also try to increase the lever length by stretching your legs and stretching your arms over your head.

Hanging up legs with split


"This is great for developing the lower abdominal muscles," says Chamberlain. "Start hanging from a counter or stick your elbows in the stirrups of the abdominal muscles. Keep your legs upright and slowly raise your feet until they are at hip level. Pause for a second, then split your legs as much as possible. Hold this position for a second, then close your legs and slowly lower them to the starting position. Start with ten repetitions and work at 20. "

Rainbow Slider

" Begin in a straight arm-press position with sliders or a towel underfoot. Both feet should stand slightly to the side.

"Pull your knees into your chest without lifting your hips, then push your feet to the other side. The slower you move, the harder this drill is. Start with ten repetitions and work up to 20. "

Dual Weighted Crunch

" Begin with the heels and shoulders off the ground in a tight bowl position, "says Chamberlain. "Balance a 5kg plate on the shins and hold a 5kg plate with outstretched arms in your hands. Pull your knees into your chest while you sit until the two panels are on top of each other, then slowly return to the cocked bowl position with your arms spread.

"You need to move slowly so as not to drop the knee balanced plate, which increases the intensity of the exercise. Start with ten repetitions and work at 20. If you press 20, you increase the weight. This is a very strenuous exercise, but it is really enjoyable if you can score 20 hits each. Also, it's easy to scale it to make it harder. "

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