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The Bath Caddy, who completely changed my self-help game

Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond

No, really, you need this offering spa-related products that our editors and experts feel so passionate about, that they basically can guarantee that it somehow improves your life. If you've ever wondered, "That seems cool, but do I really need it?" The answer is "yes" this time.

Every time I post a photo of my bathroom setup, which is not I get it at least five DMs, comments or lyrics asking me where I found my caddy ($ 40, bedbathandbeyond.com). This is easily one of my favorite items in my bathroom (and that says a lot to a beauty editor.)

Here's the reason: The chic teak design makes me feel transported from my Brooklyn apartment to a Zen Spa to be and . It's a handy way to keep all the important things in the bathroom Bathtub the * Most * Relaxing

I dare say it actually changed my bathtime experience. In the past, I was ready for a serious period of self-care and immediately became bored after five minutes. Thanks to this caddy, it has become a complete bath party, complete with alcohol and entertainment – and I can have my hands free to wash my hair without worrying about ruining my book or my electronics. (Just do not put anything in the water after you've connected the device!)

Another benefit: The arms are expandable so they can fit over almost any bathtub – a very good thing, since I want to bring this with me all future apartments.

Conclusion: If you would like to bathe or become a bathing staff (there are some legitimate health benefits, by the way), then this bathing carrier is a must. It will instantly enhance the aesthetics of your own * and * your own self-care game – just add some eucalyptus and some of these bath products to enjoy the spa experience.

It's also much cheaper than it looks: the selling price is $ 40, but with 20% BB & B coupon (you know you have at least three in your junk drawer), I have him for something more got caught as $ 30. A small price for a truly blissful self-care experience. (By the way, if bathtubs and soap bubbles have anything to do with your version of self-care – more power for you – this woman knows completely.)

Buy it: Haven Teak Bathtub Caddy, $ 40, bedbathandbeyond.com [19659011]
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