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The ballot for the Royal Parks Half Marathon opens Tuesday

January is almost over, which means that the good intentions for the new year will slide left, right and center. When your fitness flame subsides, you can rekindle yourself in a surefire way by enrolling for an event – and there are few better options than the Royal Parks Half Marathon, which takes place on Sunday, October 13, 2019.

The ballot will open for the event on Tuesday, January 29, and will remain open until 17:00 on Wednesday, February 6, regardless of how many people join, and anyone who gets his name during this time in the hat has the same chance to get a place.

Sign After voting on the Royal Parks Half Marathon website, you can expect the results to be e-mailed a few days after the closing date on February 6th.

There are few events in the city center that can compete with the Royal's impressive route Parks Half Marathon. The closed street circuit takes runners past four of London's eight royal parks ̵

1; Hyde Park, Green Park, St James Park and Kensington Gardens – and famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

Also in 2018, when it rained for most of the race, there was a supportive crowd around the course. The route is also shallow enough to give a good starting point for setting a PB, though you will need an iron will to keep down the 1km long straight that feels like it will last forever.

Maybe the best thing is that you can train for it during the summer months. Ask anyone who is training for a Spring Half Marathon or Marathon how much they love to trample through the cold water, and you'll soon realize what a bonus it is to prepare for a Herb Race (though there is one) other heatwave bangs, this pays off to be a morning person so you can run while it's still cool.)

The only big drawback to the Royal Parks Half Marathon is its popularity, which means it's difficult to get a seat but you can improve your chances by paying a non-player reimbursable entry fee (£ 59 plus £ 3.95 postage and packing). If you pay in advance (and risk paying for a seat you've never taken), you will automatically be placed on a second-chance ballot if the odds are not in your favor the first time. This applies to seats not allocated after the first ballot. The results will be e-mailed one or two weeks after the first draw. If you do not pay in advance for the first ballot, you have no chance to enter the second ballot.

Of course, there's a good chance you'll cut out in both ballots, but as a comfort you'll get a 2019 Royal Parks Half Marathon hoodie that will forever remind you of the race you did not find a seat in. It's a nice hoodie though. And the Royal Parks Foundation is a charity, so at least gambling that does not pay off has a definite advantage.

And if you get rid of the electoral system, you can try looking for a charity place – there's a list of the charities with spots in the race on the Royal Parks Half website.

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