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The ballot for the Great North Run 2019 is now open

More than one million people have completed the Great North Run since the event in 1981. Last year, 43,656 people reached the finish line, including Sir Mo Farah, who scored the fifth consecutive victory at this event.

With so many runners every year, it must be easy to get a place in the race, right? Do not be fooled. The popularity of the Great North Run is so popular that you need to vote and keep your fingers crossed if you want to run the half marathon.

The 2019 lottery is open until midday on Monday, February 4. On Friday, February 8, the draw will be announced by e-mail.

Enter vote on the Great North Run website. There you have to enter the payment details for the £ 56 race, but this will only be deducted from your account when you place it.

If you participate in the draw, but find out later that you can not run the race on Sunday, September 8, for some reason (hey, that happens to the best of us), you can email the Send Great Run Team (Info @ greatrun.org) to let them know you want to be removed from the ballot. Of course you have to do this before the ballot is closed and the drawing process begins.

There are several ways to participate in the Great North Run if you do not attend the ballot. The first is to run for a good cause. You can apply for a charity site by checking out the full list of organizations that have seats in the race on the website.

Missing a spot in the Great North Run is always a downer, as it's a race with a truly unique atmosphere, but it's worth remembering that there may be many other epic half marathons in 201

9 that you'll be in Great Britain can run.

One week after the Great North Run, two outstanding half marathons take place when you miss the ballot In London, the Richmond RUNFEST offers a half marathon, a 10km long and a full marathon. On September 15, the Great Bristol Run is also to be tested. And if you head north for the weekend, you can sign up for the Great North 5K instead of hosting the Half Marathon the day before the main event in Newcastle the Tyne.

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