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The 85-year-old runner sets a new British mile record

  • The 85-year-old runner Ian Barnes has set a new British mile record for over 85 years.
  • He recorded a time of eight minutes and 10.40 seconds.

    Congratulations to Ian Barnes for breaking the UK mile record for over 85s on Saturday 10th October. Barnes ran against seven others on the Eastbourne track and crossed the line in eight minutes and 10.40 seconds. British Masters have recognized Barnes’ run as the official record for his age group.

    After the race, Barnes said: “I’m very happy with it. I was expecting about nine minutes. ‘

    The retired legal worker, the joint president of the Darlington Harriers Running Club, started running when he was in his twenties. He will be 86 years old in December.

    When asked why he still races, he said, “I suppose I̵

    7;m enjoying it. It gets the adrenaline going. You have your ups and downs, of course, and staying fit is great.

    “Exercising can be hard work in the winter months, but once you get started the weather really isn’t that bad. You don’t have to give up the sport – age doesn’t have to be a limit or a barrier. ‘

    Barnes was delighted to see that he was just four seconds off the 1,500-yard record in the 85+ category, so he may have another record in his sights.

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