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The 6 best trackers and smartwatches of 2018

If you run into me while running, chances are you'll have the fitness tracker strapped to my wrist while I try not to trip over something. For me, an accurate smartwatch is a must if you are running outdoors. It helps me keep track of my mileage, control my heart rate, and regulate my pace, which is important to me because I often drive faster or slower than I think.

A fitness tracker can of course do so much more, depending on your needs. For some, they are a constant reminder to go more. Others need a tracker for training and another for daily activities. The good news is that there are many trackers for every taste. The bad news? Not all trackers are the same. For this year's SELF Fitness Awards, we tested the biggest tracker launches of the past year in a variety of settings to find those that our editors can not wait for (or never wanted to withdraw). These six new trackers are our winners for the Best of the Year 201

8. Find out why we love them down and watch the rest of the SELF Fitness Awards 2018 here .

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