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The 6 best sports bras for effective training in 2018

If Running, HIIT, CrossFit, or Kickboxing are your favorite ways to sweat, you know that a supportive sports bra is a non-negotiable part of your workout outfit. And if you have been looking for the perfect, you are exactly right with us. At our SELF Fitness Awards in 2018, our editors tested a number of highly effective bras that looked for the best options that would support us (but not weakened!) During the sweatiest workout sessions.

These highly effective options are equipped with innovative fabrics. The latest technology and, of course, stylish silhouettes that we believe work equally well with or without a shirt. And because we know what kind of person may not work for another person, we've done something different this year: instead of giving away the cup size, we've provided detailed assessments of each winner's fit and determined who the bra is We've made this list so that there is at least one option available for each bra wearer, regardless of your cup size.

We've subjected all the nominees to rigorous testing and carrying them in different ways – consistent courses, on sweaty runs while you're out and about in the city – and then written down detailed reviews. We debated, discussed, and ultimately created the list you see below. All winners are new and published between October 2017 and September 2018. We hope you find a bra that suits your needs. (Be sure to check out our top tips for the low-impact and medium-impact sports bras as well as all other winners of the 2018 SELF Fitness Award here read ]!).

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