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The 5-minute warm-up of the lower body anywhere, anytime

I am not a morning person.

Unlike my wife, whom I jokingly refer to as the T-1000, because she leaps out of bed at 5:30 am like an invincible device and takes it to the gym, I need a little more time to get up in the morning "slip".

Give me a choice, and my training window is somewhere between 11 and 14 o'clock. At that moment, I feel less like a zombie, but more willing to lift heavy things. But a few weeks ago, when my wife and I went on holiday to their hometown in Florida, I was in my worst nightmare. No, do not talk about our feelings. Worse. Training before 8 am

To put it bluntly, I'm not so obsessed with lifting that I have to do it on my vacation to stay healthy or to justify a single piece of carrot cake. But I love to lift. And the gym was good enough ̵

1; it had at least a rack and a barbell. And I planned to eat far more than a piece of carrot cake.

So I faced heavy squats, followed by speed deadlifts, and it was, I'll shit my spleen. Clock (ie early). I needed a good warm-up program, and I needed it fast, because there was no time to fool around.

Do it right, make it fast, then do something else.

To be open on another front, I am also not a fan of long, lengthy warm-up exercises. I think they are important, and I do them, but I hate it when I see a list of ankle mobilizations and hip flexion mobilizations.

I prefer short warm-up exercises – it's about preparing you for the things you want to do, right? – and that together use a handful of drills aimed at a number of areas simultaneously.

As it happened, this morning was the perfect opportunity to "ripple" my warm-up, and I've put together a series that I've since recommended to customers who need

1. Prepare for a hard lower body workout such as squats and deadlifts. and 2. Disappear.

Next time you have limited time, try this warm-up. A pass through this track is fine when you're in a bind, two passes would be great, and three is a great 10-minute hip-hop ride when you need it.

. 1 One-Legged Glute Bridge without Foam Roller

Traditional one-legged bridges are great, but adding the foam roller underneath poses an additional challenge as you have to fight to prevent the roll from rolling away.

The Key is Here To drive slowly, push your heels through and still make sure you feel your glut fire at the top of each repetition. Your hamstrings will also inform you immediately about their feelings.

Dose: 8-10 reps per leg

2. Side Plank Hip Clam Shell

Lie on your side with your knees bent 90 degrees and your forearm resting on the floor, and push your lower knee into the floor as you push your upper knee toward the ceiling.

In this way, hip abduction exercises on both legs at the same time, giving these glutes a really juicy pump. To make it harder, you can put a band around your knees, but most people will find it hard enough without a band.

Dose: 8-10 repetitions per leg

3. Side-to-Side Hip Buttons

Start with your "sit bones" as you lift your chest and both fists clench for added tension. Turn both knees in the same direction to be as close to the ground as possible, without straightening through the lower back.

It's no big deal if you can not bring your knees to the ground. Just use the range of motion you have access to. It gets better with time.

It's critical to maintain the core tension here – keeping the fists pressed – and getting the movement from your hips, not from your core.

What makes this drill so unique that it simultaneously causes the inner and outer rotation of the hip. It is a keeper.

Dose: 8-10 reps per direction

4. 90/90 Torso Lean Sitting

This drill feels so good on the hips.

Start with a 90/90 posture with each knee bent at right angles. You may need to deal with yourself to find a comfortable position, but the idea is to have your upper body as upright as possible. The less you lean, the better.

In some people it may be helpful to place a towel or similar under the fore butt cheek to relieve uncomfortable positioning or knee problems. Do not be afraid to use one!

From there hug a light plate (10-25 pounds) or some other super heavy object to create more tension in your core. Then think about bending over your front knee while keeping your upper body upright.

You should feel a nice stretch in your front hip, and when you get up you should feel mobilized and ready for action.

Dose: 8-10 reps per direction

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