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The 22 best cycling apps

Although the smartphone is actively used while cycling, it is generally frowned upon (unless you have a smart handlebar mount). However, in terms of fitness apps, only a few groups are better suited than cyclists. Below you will find 22 that deserve a place on the smartphone of every bicycle enthusiast. They are divided into five categories, but before we go into depth, you'll find the best apps in each category here.

Best Ride App: Strava

Best Bike Navigation App: Bike Citizens

Best Training App: Zwift

Best Bike Rental App: Santander Cycles

Best Maintenance App: The Road Bike Manual [19659007] Best Driving Tracking Apps


You have Strava, right? What kind of cyclist would you be if you were not? Strava is the king of cycling apps with reliable and detailed coverage of the ride, which is supported by the social features, including short sections in which your time is recorded only for this section of the cycle. In this way, users can fight for the title of King of the Mountain on their local hill, which may not be a big deal now, but wait until your crown is pinched by a cocky out-of-towner or, worse, a complacent neighbor , We guarantee that you will leave the door within seconds and try to win it back. strava.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Premium £ 2.99 to £ 6.99 per month

Cyclemeter GPS

With a host of in-depth statistics displayed in an outstanding and incredibly colorful user interface, Cyclemeter has a strong claim to being the best of all available cycle tracking apps. abvio.com/cyclemeter

Download from App Store | Free, Pro Version £ 7.99 per year


This app gives you the opportunity to ride with you on every ride, making it ideal for competitors. You can either set up a route and a time to aim and fight a ghost, or you can use ghost tracers with live Strava segments to try and keep track of shorter sections of your ride. Not only can Ghostracer be used directly through the app, it's also compatible with some Android Wear devices and GPS computers if you do not have a smartphone mount for your handlebar. getghostracer.com

Download from Google Play | Free


This is one of the oldest bicycle tracking apps. The lasting appeal of MapMyRide lies mainly in the large user base and the routes they upload to the app. So if you are looking for your next challenge, you can find new routes near you. Competitors can also get their correction from the course function, which allows riders to compete for the fastest time on certain routes (if you are a Strava user, think segments). All expected metrics are recorded while driving, including pace, distance, time, calories, and altitude. mapmyride.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 4.49 monthly


Almost every cyclist has a follow-up routine, which usually involves refueling, a nice sitting and a look at the values ​​of his ride on an app like Strava , However, if a quick look at statistics and a look at a GPS map are not enough for your most memorable cycles, you should relive them. This free app will create a short video that animates your progress on a 3D map of your route and displays your highest altitude, heart rate and speed. In addition, all photos taken while driving are automatically integrated, and of course you can also share them on social media. Experience the links to Strava, Garmin Connect and Endomondo again to get your driving data. So you can be sure that you can continue to use your favorite tracking app. relive.cc

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

Running Heroes

The name might indicate that this reward app is for runners only. But you can be sure that you'll earn points for all the rides you sign up to (through third-party apps like Strava, Fitbit) and Garmin Connect, and we all know what points mean. If you exercise enough, the prices are impressive ̵

1; discounts on sportswear brands, races and free treats like Craft Beer – and you do not need any extra work once you've downloaded the app and connected it to your preferred cycle – tracker software. Just keep going and check in occasionally to see what your rides have earned. de.runningheroes.com

Downloading App Store and Google Play | Free

Best Apps for Radnavigation

Bike Citizens

Many standard navigation apps are under-utilized in large cities because they do not recognize dedicated bike paths as options. Bike Citizens offers experts the opportunity to offer the best routes for cyclists in the more than 450 cities currently covered. Once you've downloaded an area, it works without an active data connection, so you can use it abroad without having to worry about having to roam heavily. Fees You can also choose between the fastest and the quietest available routes so you can If you are late for work, you can stay on cycle paths and side streets and drive on the A roads. bikecitizens.net

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free city packages for € 4.99 each (or € 17.99 for all cities)

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

All the information you need to track and attack the 100 best climbs in the UK Take as listed from the popular eponymous book (£ 7.99, buy at Amazon.co.uk) . With the app, you can sort the rides by difficulty and location, sync to Strava, and record every climb you can make on your journey to the end of the century.

Download from the App Store and Google Play | £ 5.99

Trail Planner

Plan your cycling routes quickly and easily with this easy-to-use app. Draw a vague route on the in-app card. This is automatically fixed to the nearest roads and paths and shows you the total distance and altitude of the route. If you are particularly adventurous and go by bike with no paths, you can also draw your route directly on the map. footpathapp.com

Download from App Store | 99p, Pro Version £ 4.99


Google Maps and the like will be sufficient for all your navigation needs in the city, but for drivers who like to use off-road ViewRanger, this is a must have free. The OpenCycleMap contains routes and paths for the whole world. You can also buy more detailed topographic maps for specific areas. These cards are stored locally on your phone, so you can navigate even in areas where you do not have a signal. viewranger.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play |


While getting from A to B is the main purpose of a navigation app, CycleMaps is smart enough to pick the type of road It is also important for cyclists to take notice to get there. This app sticks to cycle routes and quiet roads wherever possible. Even if you drive a bit further in the end, the quality and additional safety of the ride are worthwhile. cyclema.ps

Download on the App Store | Free, Pro version 5.99 €

Google Maps

There is a possibility that you have already heard of it. However, it's still worth pointing out, because Google Maps & # 39; instructions for cyclists are not the best – with an unfortunate habit of using busy roads or, worse yet, busy canal paths on which you have to constantly descend to fight with Avoiding pedestrians has two major advantages over dedicated radionavigation apps. The first is that you almost certainly have it on your phone, and the second is that the instructions for the turn-by-turn directions are clear and easy to follow, which is not always the case with some apps. If you are really in distress, Google Maps remains the best option to get you back on track. maps.google.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best Training Apps


The ultimate indoor cycling app for experienced riders, Zwift lets you immerse yourself in a digital world with fellow cyclists from around the world so you never suffer from a turbo trainer have to be alone again. You'll need a Smart Bike trainer or strength, speed, and cadence sensors to pair with the app, as these metrics are used to move your avatar on the screen. However, once you've perfected the setup, the hours of indoor training will go by. Like the Sufferfest app, Zwift is expensive, but a seven day free trial allows you to test it before you buy it. zwift.com

Download from App Store | $ 9.99 monthly


There are a few different apps that can make your indoor workout a little bit more fun. However, if you are a cyclist looking for a structured plan for your work on the turbo, then TrainerRoad is the best option. The app includes a variety of energy-based interactive workouts – actually over 1,000 – that you can try ad hoc or as part of a workout plan. During the training, you will receive coaching tips and a clear summary of all your statistics as well as information on what's next. It is a subscription-based app and a significant expense for $ 12 (about $ 9) per month. However, if you want to become a faster and stronger cyclist, you can get there with a TrainerRoad plan. trainerroad.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | $ 12 a month, $ 99 a year

The Sufferfest

This indoor cycling app is designed to make the difficult task of turbo training both more enjoyable and more effective. There are 34 video workouts tracking trails from races such as the Tour de France, as well as three- and ten-week training schedules for all types of events. The Sufferfest app also connects to power meters, heart rate monitors, and speed and cadence sensors, and uses this data to enhance rides. It also offers something out of the saddle, with 20 training videos "Yoga for cyclists". It's not cheap – the subscription costs $ 10 (about £ 7.70) per month – but there's a free seven-day trial so you can see if it's worth your moolah. thesufferfest.com

Download App Store | $ 10 per month

Dirt School

Driving a mountain bike requires both the nerves of steel and rock-solid technical skills, and this great app will help with the latter. It contains videos and instructions on the basic techniques you need. You can even film your own rides to upload to the app and compare them to videos that show the right technique or common mistakes. dirtschool.co.uk

Download from App Store | £ 5.99

Best Bike Rental Apps

Santander Cycles

This app may be a bit buggy at times, but it's still your best bet to find docking stations for London's bike rental. You can also rent bikes via the app to see which stations have a free return slot – especially useful in the morning rush hour. tfl.gov.uk

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free


Assuming hover vehicles and low cost monorails (remember, mono = one, rail = rail) can not be nearly realized, dockless bike stock programs are the most promising solution to improve traffic in city ​​centers. Ofo is one of the largest dockless bike brands and its fleet of light yellow bicycles can already be discovered in several cities in the UK, including Oxford, Norwich, Sheffield and some parts of London. The app is the key to using Ofo's bikes because you can find and unlock the bikes, and track your rides and charges. The cost is 50 cents per half hour, with costs limited to £ 5 per day. It's worth having on your mobile phone if you're out with public transport. ofo.com

Download from Apple Store and Google Play | Free


Like Ofo, Mobike is a brand for a dockless bicycle that can be found in a number of British cities – Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle and several parts of London. The app is required to locate, reserve, and share the bikes, as well as to control the balance in your Mobike account. For each 20-minute bike ride, it costs 50p, 69p, or £ 1, depending on the type of bike you use. Use the city you are in. You can also buy unlimited driving passes, which reduces the cost to 25p per day if you choose one year. mobike.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best Maintenance Apps

The Road Bike Manual

The most comprehensive and easy-to-use road bike repair app available, with just about the best £ 3 a cyclist can spend. There are step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos for all the usual bike repairs and maintenance that you should do regularly to keep your ride running smoothly. Each guide provides you with information about the tools and time you need before you start, and how hard the process will be five. There are also instructions for roadside emergencies where the app really comes into its own, unless you always want to carry a bicycle repair book.

Download from App Store and Google Play | £ 2.99

Fill That Hole

Potholes. Hellish desperation. Scourge of the road. The greatest enemy of the cyclist Fill That Hole makes it easier to report potholes to the local council responsible for the repair to ensure a smooth ride in the future. fillthathole.org.uk

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

First Aid for Cyclists

If anything goes wrong on your ride, this app by St John Ambulance could be very useful – and all it costs is a few megabytes of memory on your phone. If you or someone else is seriously injured, do not do anything with an app, call an ambulance, but for the most common bumps and scratches that people experience on a bike, the first aid app will be among the best Immediate and short-term recommendations advise treatment options. sja.org.uk

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

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