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The 20-minute running and bodyweight course is perfect for the park

This full body workout ensures that your fitness is up to any physical challenge that life in Lockdown can possibly mean for you. It will give you a mental boost even after another night before too much Disney +.

"For your runs, do a lap in the field (or in your yard if you isolate yourself) if you can't or don't want to mark anything. You want to sprint, but not quickly, that you accelerate after the first one . "

During an intense 20 minute timeframe in which your goal is to complete as many laps as possible, you will improve all types of movements: pulling, pushing, crouching and running.

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Pull-ups: 12 repetitions

Strict pull-ups are the basis for functional strength. Hang out from under a pole (A) with your arms outstretched and squeeze your shoulder blades together to begin the train. Bring your chest up to touch the bar (B). Lower back under control. It can be an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), but don't hurry. The right shape is everything.


Pushups: 12 reps

Balance the pull-ups by immediately falling to the floor to work on your pushing power. In a long-arm plank position with a firm core and hands under your shoulders (A), bend your elbows to lower your chest to just above the floor (B). Hold your elbows close to your body while pushing them up. Split the repetitions or drop to your knees if necessary.


Split Squat: 12 repetitions per leg

When your upper body is lit, switch the emphasis to your legs. Take a big step forward with your right leg and step back with your left leg (A). Keep your torso upright and your legs slightly bent. Now bend your front leg and keep your knee in line with your ankle. If your back knee hits the ground (B), drive back. Do 12 reps on one leg, then 12 on the other.


Run: 200m

Complete the first round with a run to send your body into the fat-burning zone. You rightly believe that 200m is a sprint distance, but remember that you have 20 minutes to get through. So keep a steady pace, raise your knees (A) and drive your arms forward (B). Go straight back to the chin-up bar to start another round.

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