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The 17 best new sports bags, fitness accessories and exercise equipment

From spacious sports bags to insulated water bottles to non-slip yoga mats, adding useful accessories to your equipment inventory can make your workout a little more efficient and enjoyable.

Of course not all of this accessory is necessary – all you really need to work up a sweat is a comfortable pair of clothes and sneakers (and for some workouts maybe not even those). But if you have ever tried unsuccessfully to put all your sportswear and shoes in your shopping bag or derailed a fussy headphones training that would not stay connected to your phone or your ears, you know how sometimes the little things do make a big difference.

Although these are the accessories that are important to me, for some people it could be a bottle. Or the right recovery tool or a great yoga mat. However, we all have the things that help us to motivate ourselves and be prepared for training.

To find out which products are worth buying, our editors tested a variety of sports bags. Earphones, recovery tools and more. After many walks to and from the gym, the items listed below proved to be our favorites.

All our winners are new – released between October 2017 and September 2018. We hope you find great equipment that suits your needs on this list. Do not forget to read the full list of our 2018 SELF Fitness Award Winners here .

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