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The 10-minute push-up challenge | Trainer

Make one minute for ten minutes every ten minutes.

This is a challenge that sounds easy but is deceptively difficult. All you have to do is ten times every ten minutes, every minute for a minute, which can be written down when written down, but much harder if you actually try. You will of course try to save energy, but you should still ensure that you perform complete reps with a good range of motion by lowering your chest until your chest almost touches the ground and pressing until your arms are stretched out.


Reps Your first task is to complete the challenge. You may find that you fail after three rounds. If this is the case, do as many repetitions as possible every minute. This can only be a single repeat in the last minute. It's good. Your task is to surpass that effort next time.

Holds When you have completed the challenge, you can make it more difficult by staying at the top of the print position between rounds, which means your rest time will change to a modified phase. It's tough, but you have a nice set of abs as a bonus.

Perfect shape of your push-up

Hand position

Place your hands shoulder width with your arms straight in the up position. Your shoulders, elbows and wrists should be in line. If all arms of your arms are aligned, you will train your muscles without overstressing the joints.

Elbow Position

Start the movement by bending your elbows to lower your chest toward the floor. When you stretch your elbows to the sides, the breast gets harder, but the pressure on your shoulders increases. If you hold them by your sides, the triceps will work more.

Hip Height

Your hips should stay in line with your shoulders throughout the set. Keeping your hips up keeps your body stable, so your muscles can concentrate on doing high-quality reps rather than stabilizing your upper body.

Foot placement

Keep your feet hip-width apart. If you place them further apart, this will be easier, and joining will make it harder. The closer your feet are together, the less stable your body will be, which means your muscles will have to work harder every time they repeat.

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