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Thanksgiving dinner with your partner's family: a survival guide

Your first Thanksgiving with your partner's family is basically a first date with a group of strangers, except that you can ask painful questions, such as, "How much does a freelance writer make in a year?".

Be successful with these seven tips.

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Take a step.

  Cheers for this great Thanksgiving dinner!

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If you're on the highway, you can drive at speed If you're having dinner, you're allowed to drink at the speed of the table. You just do not want to be the person who hits the wine at 100km / h while everyone else is 80km / h On my first job, I asked an older, smarter colleague if it was safe to be roasted, and he said, "Never be greater than the king!" – never get drunker than the boss & # 39; I am getting drunker than the hosts.

Ask, do not say it.

  Cheers to nice food with the family!

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As at some point, you may be tempted to prove yourself worthy of a family by sharing your many accomplishments and telling them in detail when you've helped a lost child, his parents to find at Trader Joe. Not at Thanksgiving dinner and in virtually any other scenario, the best way to charm people is to ask questions, ask questions, and ask questions.

Occupy the marginalized family member.

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In most families, the youngest and oldest members suffer from a degree of neglect, and everyone in the family feels guilty, but not guilty enough to play mousetrap with a five year old who plays by his own rules for an hour, which, in turn, goes against the intuition of your attention away from your girlfriend's parents, but you will be impressed by your ability to have a Thanksgiving dinner with the Later, they will talk about how they were "properly educated."

Rinse the dishes.

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Even in the wokest families, I've noticed that there are always women cleaning their plates after dinner. There is nothing better than a guy who sits back and chats with a macho. My dad, when the women jump up to do the dishes, I understand the impulse to impress the patriarch – I saw Meet the Parents – but by skipping the dishes you alienate every woman in the family. Do not just say "Can I help?" Because the answer is "No". As soon as someone initiates the record cleaning, grab everything you can and take a break for the kitchen. Start with what's in the sink – you do not want a passive job like drying, you want to be arcuate in turkey water – and do not stop until each dish is ready.

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Explain the PDA before.

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Take your partner from your partner If you initiate a PDA, go with it If not, then it is probably uncomfortable For example, I reject the PDA in front of my family – for me as well as for her. As soon as I'm under my parents' roof, I'm anti-horny. Not least because I'm almost always my flannel PJs are my temples, my cuddly socks are my cleansing ring, all you get is a pecking peck on the cheek.

Brin g wine.

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It's old-fashioned, but that's because it has worked always : Bring a gift With. Ask your partner about the kind of wine his parents like, and spend at least $ 18 on a bottle. (Unchecked theory: Winemakers can tell when a wine costs less than $ 18, but moreover, they're just shit.) Present it on your arrival so you do not have to unpack it in a transparent form later for praise ask. If the hosts are not drinkers, buy something generic and inconspicuous like a candle.

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Send a thank you note.

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At best, thank you is an opportunity to remind your hosts of all the virtuous things you do During your stay, in the worst case, thank you – your tip is an Ave Maria after you mess up everything else. This is not a thank you for sending me $ 5 for my birthday. Thank you letter of your childhood – if you do not go out of bed sappiness while you wri you are doing it wrong. I leave you with this template:

Dear [correct names of hosts]

Thank you for opening me this Thanksgiving home. I had so much fun [playing eight rounds of tag with the five-year-old even though I was extremely full/learning about refrigeration from the unbearably dull uncle/doing dishes]. I am so happy to have met [correct name of partner] and I can see where she gets her [intelligence/sense of humor/rockin’ ass]. I hope to see you again soon! Best,

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