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Terri's Fitness Travel Update – Total Gym Pulse

My first measurements were taken on the 2nd of August 2018 and I took them again in February 2019. In six months I lost 10 pounds and 17 inches! My clothes fit better, my posture is better and I feel better. People now notice a bit too.

I have taken measurements of areas that some consider odd, but that was important to me. For example, I measure around my elbows (which I call grandfather's elbow grease), around my knees (a very sensitive area that drives me crazy and I can not wait until he walks away) and around my ankles upper arms. I do not know how many inches to lose … but it will be interesting to see how much I lose every month.

One change I've noticed over the last month is that my shoulder pain is greatly reduced by the daily use of wing fixation as well as by pull-ups and pull-ups. I had thought about buying a rather expensive pillow to help me sleep, and now I do not have to!

Another advantage is that my eating habits are healthier and I consume very little alcohol. I had a few drinks during the week and weekend. Now, I have no craving for alcohol, and if I have a few, one or two glasses of wine over the week is more than enough.

57 ̵

1; That's the age in which I trained constantly. 57! Many people have lived their whole lives – but not me. It's never too late to start. Whether it is to lose weight, to lower weight / prevent you from taking medication or to fit in this dress or pants – just do it. Every time another year passes, I wonder why I was so lazy and did not do anything about my health last year. Do not do what I did! Remember – "In a year, you wish you had started today".

Total Gym has models that are suitable for every budget. If I can, you can too.

Next month's goals:

  1. Add 2 more exercises to the routine
  2. Eat Healthy (Low Carbs – Healthy Carbs)

See you next month!

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