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Terris Fitness Travel Update July 2019

No fault – the gym will always be there

It was hot, humid and humid in Pennsylvania, which I strongly dislike (also known as hate). Summer is my least popular season. (I have friends who love this weather that I just can not fathom, but then they get pretty annoyed with me when I get angry about ice cold weather and a good blizzard.) Since it's so hot, I spent mine early morning before working in my garden because that was the best time of the day to look after plants, harvest and pull weeds. Over the weekend, I can spend most of the day outside in the garden, turning to all shady places. The time I spend with it is usually my workout time, and I felt a bit guilty for doing a blog for Total Gym here and the gym has been on a regular basis for the last couple of years.

I recently saw a Facebook post about not feeling guilty and the gym will always be there. Beautiful weather is a time when people go on vacation, more outdoor activities such as cycling, walking, running and walking … or gardening and gardening. The older I get, the more cautious I am in hot weather. I choose what I will do in one day and do not try to prove that I am a superwoman and do everything. My gym will always be there (both) and I can train at any time what I love about the Total Gym.

I've been using my Total Gym for almost a year (date of the 2nd of August anniversary) and really enjoyed the new gym. The map wall was so inspiring and we look at it every time we work.
After using the room for a few weeks, I moved some things to make the room a bit more effective. I temporarily folded the XLS and brought the rebounder into the room. Previously, the rebounder was in another room in the house and was not used as often as I would like. It fits very well in the small 8 x 10 space, but I make it possible. I also plan to put it outside on the cement sometime and pull myself in a bit, because I've never done that before.

My new plan is to create a racetrack with Total Gym, Simply Fit Board, Gazelle and the Rebounder (thanks to some ideas from Total Gym Addict and Total Gym Ambassador Adam Schaus). I've been doing the same routine for almost a year now and it's time to change things because I feel I'm in a kind of stalemate with my progress. Since I have no air conditioning in my gym and it gets a bit hot, I start slowly in the summer and can really do more in the cooler weather.

Watch my garden in the video and see you next month!

The July 2019 Fitness Journey post-terri update first appeared on Total Gym Pulse.

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