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Ten racing bikes you'll love this summer

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Once upon a time there was a racing bike that was built specifically for the paved road and was not particularly fast on rough terrain This is 2019. And more than ever this summer's racing bikes are powered by technologies designed to dominate paved roads, but also to hit the gravel with just one tire change – there's never been a better time to fall in love with them A road bike: The best road bikes on the market are fast, light and durable – a magical combination that lets you make the most of racing Driving comfortably throughout the summer and enjoying the sun and the wind If you are also doing a solid leg workout, you will increase your heart rate more than you might think, and also stop a good sweat. It's time to start the summer of the road bike.

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ARD 1.4 bicycle

Koop bicycles

$ 2,039.09

Yes, REI manufactures its own bikes. And they do not get any better than this ARD 1.4 from the revamped Coop Cycles line. Do not miss the versatility and value of this bike, which features a carbon frame and fork, a powerful Shimano 105 drive and hydraulic disc brakes. But somehow it weighs just under 20 pounds! You get 22 gears to climb, commute, compete and keep up with your kids on the open road, all in one tight package.


Road Soda

REEB bikes are handmade In a 100-year-old barn in Lyons, Colorado, you even get a custom bike made in the US for an average price. The Steel Road Soda (also available in titanium for an extra charge) is supple and sturdy to handle the backyard climbs of the Rocky Mountains and the varied surfaces on which it has proven itself. Rounded off with Shimano 105 components, disc brakes, and dynamic 135/142-mm spacing, will you turn your head as you turn around the corner? Then take a look at this budget-friendly entry-level road bike, which lets you roll stylishly and leave plenty of dough for accessories. Despite the price, the Btwin is still filled with proven parts and finely tuned German technology. The race-ready, gravel-compatible aluminum Triban features a stiff carbon fork, Shimano 105 components, mechanical disc brakes, and a premium look for less than $ 1,000. Think of it as an instant upgrade at a surprisingly affordable price.


4130 Road Americana (8-speed)

State Bicycle Co.'s 4130 Road is perfect for occasional riders and at a magical price that almost anyone can afford. Still, you get a bike that's more efficient, sleeker and sleeker than a hybrid, and you're ready to drive with a simple 8-speed drivetrain and a tire clearance of up to 32mm. The unique color variations and frames made of double butted 4130 chromoly steel make it a classic.


Haanjo 7C Carbon


$ 2,699.99

Diamondback's Haanjo is still in this somewhat "affordable" price range and is well worth it. The company has long been supplying rugged off-road bikes, translating that brilliance to this option, which has been repeated many times over the years. The result is an all-round long-distance bike made of carbon fiber. With the old-fashioned geometry and highly efficient Shimano Ultegra components, you can seamlessly switch from gravel to asphalt and pick tires up to 37 cm. Adding flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes and HED carbon wheels is a dream.


Aeroad CF SL 7.0


2.999,00 USD

This is one of the most beautiful racing bikes you can find for under $ 3,000. Canyon's Aeroad series costs $ 8,500 in its highest configuration, but this 7.0 version also includes race-ready Shimano 105 low-profile drivetrain components and carbon wheels. Canyon's German technology is ubiquitous on the pro-tour stage, but somehow it's directly available to consumers in the US, meaning that costs remain low, but street fighters achieve high performance.


R.1 Ultegra

Viathon Bicycles

$ 3,575.00

If you've never heard of Viathlon, you're not alone, as the brand was first introduced to Sea Otter in May. The R.1 road model with Shimano Ultegra component groupo (including hydraulic disc brakes) is one of those road bikes with excellent performance at a reasonable price. The oversized, tapered head tube and bottom bracket also give you precise handling and efficient pedaling. This is perfect for group rides and an elegant bike.


Wilier Zero.7 Z15

Wilier Triestina

4.499,00 USD

The name appeals even to the most passionate bike freaks, but here's everything you need to know: The Zero.7 is the lightest Wilier Triestina bike in the range. Ace 9100 Component Group It has increased stiffness in all proper places without increasing weight. Translation: It rides like a dream.


Kestrel Legend SL SRAM ETAP 51 Carbon


8.106,32 USD

Although kestrel is not a well-known name, it should be, since it represented an innovation with carbon fiber in front of most bicycle brands. The Legend SL model can be described in two words: smooth running. This bike reduces vibration thanks to a conical full carbon fork for added rigidity and a tapered head tube that makes your steering more precise. It also comes with the SRAM RED eTap 11-speed super-high-end wireless electronic group, which, if you have not tried it, will be difficult to manually re-engage. Make the investment. You will not regret it.


Ridley Fenix ​​SLX Disc Ultegra Di2


$ 6,499.00

Like others in its class, the Ridley Fenix ​​is ​​light and stiff for racing, but also ideal for group rides and multi-day endurance rides. Ridley mixes layers of different types of carbon in a unique diamond-shaped tube configuration. It has flat-mounted disc brakes and is equipped as standard with an electronic Ultegra Di2 circuit. The forks provide space for tires with a width of up to 30 mm. You will be amazed by its versatility in varying terrain.

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