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Sylvester Stallone talks about owning "Zero" stake in "Rocky"

Sylvester Stallone has enjoyed an acting career of four decades and several film franchises, including Rambo and The Expendables but even now he may be best known for Rocky the film he wrote in 1976 and played in which made him a household name. In a recent in-depth interview with Variety Stallone talked about his long-standing affection for the character and his frustration at never having been involved in the franchise he co-designed.

"[Rocky is] like my brother," he said. "It's the only voice I can say with what I want, without being ridiculed, silly, valuable or sentimental because he is so." In Creed's films in which Rocky Balboa trains Adonis Creed, son of his erstwhile rival, Stallone was recently able to revisit his character.

Although Stallone Rocky has played in several sequels over the years, he is furious that the studio never offered him a pension under the franchise ̵

1; something he could have passed on to his children or grandchildren. "I own nothing Rocky, " he said, although the entire series began with a script that he wrote . "Every word, every syllable, every grammatical mistake was my fault, it was shocking that it never came to that, but I was told: 'Hey, you got paid, what are you complaining about?' I was angry."

Stallone added that at the time he did not know enough about show business to push the issue forward. I do not want to ruffle the golden goose's feathers … When I finally confronted Rocky IV in 1985, I said, "Does it bother you that I've written every word, I've choreographed it, am stayed true to you, advertised it, staged it, and I do not have 1% that I could give to my children? & # 39; And the quote was, "You were paid." And that was the end of the conversation.

Even though Stallone has the feeling in retrospect of being pulled off the studio, he still likes the character a lot – to the point where he and producer Irwin Winkler are currently planning another Rocky Films independent of the Creed series, as well as a possible Rocky-Prequel TV series.

And it sounds as if he has since come to terms with the way the Shaken things, resigned: "I love the system – do not get me wrong. My children and their children, they are cared for because of the system. But there are dark little kids and people who tell you. They say the definition of Hollywood is someone who pokes you in the chest. You do not even hide it. "

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