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Suggestions for ideas that will definitely make you say yes!

The proposal may be a difficult one, but it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and can promise you a life-long happiness. It is obvious that you feel nervous before suggesting someone. You are not sure if you get a positive response or not. Going down with a ring on one knee does not work in any case. The proposal should be so special that you and your partner can tell your life over and over again. Read on to learn some unique proposals for suggestions that make her feel special in saying yes.

Make Your Own Movie

Creating your own movie is not as difficult as it sounds. You can create your own short film or a music video. Choose her favorite songs and make a video of this song. You can also select songs with suggested lines. All you have to do is dance a bit and act. The end result will definitely show your efforts. It will do the hard work that you have done to record this video and would be really happy. You can also pick a nice place to play the video on a big screen.

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Take the blessing of their parents

The approval of their parents is also another step in a relationship. You can do this first, when you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with her. They can bring their parents and loved ones, which will give them a sense of security. You can also invite your family. This gives you the opportunity to receive blessings from both parents at the beginning.

Make It a Puzzle

Creating a tension is the best way to increase the excitement. You can make a puzzle and let them travel to their favorite places. You can create puzzles that are written on small notes that take you to the next step. After completing four to five puzzles, you can write it on a wall or with flowers or balloons. Make a puzzle and solve it to find the next one and create a lot of tension. You can also place a flower for each note.

Surprise them completely

Suggest them out of the blue. Choose a day she can never wait for. You can one day go to her office and surprise her. Choose the time and the day she can not wait for you. Take your favorite flowers and chocolates. You can also have a special place adorned to suggest where you can take them blindfolded.

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Plan a nice evening

Nothing is better than a classic romantic evening. A candlelight dinner with your favorite food is the best and oldest idea. If you can sing, you can also dedicate a song to her and sing it in front of her. Plan a dinner where you can dance together and have fun alone. You can also buy her a dress before and ask her to wear this dress for the date.

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