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Strongman Workouts Boost Testosterone – Best Strongman Exercises

Nowadays people seem to worry about whether the training they are performing is "functional" or not.

While we think that basic weight-bearing exercises are enough to prepare you for any challenges you face. There is no question that Strongman training can take your performance to the next level outside the gym. If you can turn around a 500-pound tire, you can probably pick up your kids or push a sofa across the floor of your living room without any problem.

The unconventional lifting that you see in the Strongest Man competitions of the world challenges the body quite differently than in more orthodox exercises, which offers a great advantage in terms of core and grip, and often as a cardiovascular Training serves. Strongman training also makes you more of a man: The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research has found that men who did Strongman workouts immediately saw a 74 percent increase in testosterone levels.

However, if you can not find a dedicated Strongman gym to work out, you'll need to get some of the equipment you need to make Strongman lifts alone or to bring them closer to existing tools. In any case, adding Strongman exercises to your workout is fun and undoubtedly functional. We promise.


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Using Strongman Exercises [19659010] According to CJ Murphy, a coach and owner of Total Performance Sports in Boston, there are four common strongman competition events that have the most impact on what ordinary people (ie you and us You want to accomplish these exercises in the Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle ).

"The farmer's walk should be in everyone's program," says Murphy, and Atlas Stone's shoulder, punches and thick bar lifts would also be a good complement.

You can incorporate them into your routines here and there, if you think they're right, or you can do them all together on an event Murphy calls Event Day. For example, you could do two or three conventional workouts per week and then train strong lifts on Saturday for a fun change to test your progress.

Farmer's Walk

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Quite simple: Take a pair of heavy dumbbells and walk briskly as far as you can Keep a good posture – breast proud, upright and upright.

Real Strongmen Use walking aids that are like carrying a barbell in each hand and therefore are much harder to control, but dumbbells are a good substitute.

"You can do short, very heavy runs or long runs with lighter weights," says Murphy, for example, to properly fuel the muscles in the upper back, torso, and forearms, grab the heaviest weights you touch can go 50 to 100 feet if you challenge your stamina and your metabolism besc try to accelerate 100 to 300 feet with lighter weights (lighter, not lighter).

Dickbalken lifts

Strongmen frequently raise tractor axles in competition. Although they look like dumbbells, but have a diameter of two centimeters and are therefore extremely difficult to grip. You can buy an axle or assortment of other "fat" poles, or make a normal dumbbell thick by wrapping a towel around it or, as Murphy prefers, using Grip4orce handles – rubber bushes that instantly slide onto a pole.

Unlike other grips, the Grip4orce is designed to be less than perfect for the bar, so you'll need to press it actively while lifting it for maximum muscle recruitment. "You can use a thick rod for deadlifting, rowing and pushing," says Murphy.

Be prepared to significantly reduce the weight you use, but changing to a conventional barbell in a few weeks will feel like a pencil in your hands. A thick rod can be used particularly well to relieve your joints when bench presses. As your hands are pushed farther apart, the load spreads more evenly over your wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Atlas Stone to Shoulder

  2005 The Strongest Man of the 2005 World Cup in Chengdu

Getty Images China Photos [19659007] You will need a stone because nothing can approach in a commercial gym (you can make your own with a mold). Lifting rocks is similar to deadlifting, but controlling the smooth contours of the stone is much more difficult, and you & # 39; I'll feel the upper back, chest, core and forearms work like never before.

Spread the stone so that the balls of your feet align with the center of the stone, and crouch down to wrap your arms. Place your hands as close to the stone as possible, without crushing them – the fingernails should touch the ground Press the stone in your arms and push your lower back flat by pulling your shoulders backwards and downwards and trying to show your chest forward.

Drive through your feet to lift the stone off the ground. When it passes by your knees, pull it in your lap and bend your knees as if sitting – the stone acts as a counterweight to keep you from falling backwards. Position your arms one-third below the stone in a bear's body. Push the stone into your chest and dive forwards, then explode your back, hips, and knees to lift the stone onto one shoulder. Stabilize it and bring the stone back to the ground in a controlled manner. (You'll need to place some mats to protect the floor and the stone if it falls.) Each time you repeat, switch the side to which you lift the stone.

Murphy recommends launching a 100-pound rock that is well-suited for conditioning workouts. "You can use it as part of a racetrack." For example, "shoulder the stone 15 times, then make 10 burpees and then walk a pawn for 100 feet," he suggests.

Tire Flip

  Man pushes the truck tire for cross-training

Getty Images franckreporter

Tire flipping was compared to power-cles for its potential to build explosive power, and It will boost your heart for short-term activities (football games, sprints) You need at least a 350-pound tire ("That's not difficult," he says, "my son can do that")) you're likely to be in or out of a junkyard A bodyshop can get at least the height of your knee when it's on the side for free.

Lay the tire flat and cower behind it – you should be in a four-point stance (like an insulting lineman) on the ball of your feet. Grasp the tire with shoulders off the shoulder. Keep your lower back flat and push your butt down, pressing the breast into the hoop. Try to move it up at a 45-degree angle. Try to stretch your hips, knees and ankles at the same time. As the tire moves up, you will move closer to the tire as you move your hands to the side of the tire and push it forward and backward. You can lift one knee up when you have raised it to waist height to carry forward the momentum of the tire. Strike three to four sets of five flips.

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