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Strava's New Runway Generator makes drawing a run easier


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If you're on a journey, choosing a running track can be a challenge. You can ask a local or try to find out for yourself, but it is always a bit exhausting. Forget about it, if you do not manage to leave altitude and traffic to fate. However, a new tool on Strava speeds up the process faster. The fitness app has just released a new tool that will give you less time to plan a run – and TBH is pretty awesome. (Connected: Best Free Apps for Runners)

To use the new mobile route generator, use your finger to draw a path on a map of your phone that you want to run or ride a bike. Yes, it's that simple. Here's the cool part: The rough path you've drawn will lead you to an ideal route based on the most popular trails for the activity you've chosen. Strava has a road database On trails with trillions of GPS points you can be sure that you will reach a well-traveled path. Once you've set your course, you can export it as a file that can be downloaded to a GPS device if you do not want to use your phone. You can also share it with other Strava users, which should be clearly used to send a heart-shaped route to your soulmate. (That's why every runner needs an attentive training schedule.)

Strava, who calls himself a "social network for athletes," already has a desktop version of the Route Builder. However, it's not as seamless as the new update, so you can click on a starting point, add another point nearby, add a third, and so on. For the mobile version, all you have to do is specify whether you're running or cycling, and follow a closed loop or a point-to-point path. However, the desktop version has one advantage: Unlike the new mobile version, you can control the height increase and the total number of kilometers. We hope this app will be added to the app soon. (See: How To Get Your Motivation Running)

The mobile route build is still in beta and is available only to members of Summit who pay a monthly fee. The representatives of Strava say the plan is to receive feedback and make it accessible to all. Even if you do not have membership, you can finally draw your routes quickly.

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