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Stephen Miller on "Face the Nation" shows how NOT to deal with hair loss

When Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to the White House, appeared on Sunday Face the Nation it was hard to see. It looks like Mr. Burn's beard spray-paint can got in the way, and Miller's obvious attempt to cover up his retracting hairline diverted his attention from what he said, at least when you looked at Twitter ,

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Maybe distraction was the point. Or maybe he has not had any practice since his TV duties were downgraded since last January, when he had to be run out of a studio. Or maybe, as suggested on Twitter, he was trolled by the hair and make-up department .

Whatever the case, you know that "spray hair" is actually one thing. (The products below can be found under Products). Most of these sprays use a combination of color and keratin fibers that resemble actual hair to try to simulate the real thing in places where there are none. The problems that most men face, including Miller, seem to be two. First, the colors are flat, just like spray paint, and they never quite mix with natural hair. Secondly, the keratin fibers combine with the existing hair and build it up to give the effect of thickness. If there is no hair, they have nothing to fix the problem seems to be with Miller: he tried to fill in the blank.

Whatever happened, we feel for Miller. Hair loss plagues 85% of American men over the age of 50, and those affected know it's a daily battle. It can greatly affect your self-confidence, whether you are on TV or not. The problem with Miller's hair debacle is that he tried too much too soon. You can not get overnight from Mr. Clean to Fabio. The basic rule of hair loss is: If you do not want people to notice, you should not point this out.

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Here are some helpful tips for Miller and all other traders with the reality of male balding.

Add Texture

If we learned something from Jude Law, it's the style that makes up the man, not the hair. If you have thinning hair, the best camouflage does not necessarily add more material. She works with what you have left. With some length and a matte styling product like clay or pomade you can use the texture to your advantage. Spray products such as salt sprays can also give texture to thinner hair without weight. Style your hair forward and confuse it. The more your hair is skinned, the more visible the holes are. Avoid products like gel that can clump together and never comb it off the forehead. And yes, we said with a bit of length, but do not be tempted to go too long, as longer hair is more prone to brushes, combs and hands. And never fight it.

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Prevent Further Loss

The main reason why men experience male baldness is genetics. This happens thanks to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a byproduct of testosterone. DHT can cause hair follicles in the scalp to shrink and eventually stop hair production. It gets worse as we get older. Proven ingredients such as Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) block DHT in both the scalp and follicles. You will not regrow hair that you have already lost, but it is recommended by most doctors to prevent further hair loss.

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Bring Heavy Artillery

There is only so much you can do on your own when it comes to hair loss. If you are really committed to seeing change, you have to go to the big guns, and that includes a doctor's visit. Today, many physicians are looking forward to a new treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), in which platelets are extracted from a patient's own blood and re-injected into the scalp through microneedles. The platelets act as a fertilizer for the hair follicles, stimulate growth and increase health (and some say the thickness) in the hair. Microneedle devices create tiny channels in the skin surface, which allows the PRP to sink deeper and stimulate growth from below.

PRP is promising, but the most effective way to really get new hair when it's gone is to get a hair transplant. During surgery, hair is removed from another location on your body and surgically transplanted to a new location on your scalp. These hairs are often placed one at a time, avoiding the horizontal scar on the hairline. It's not a quick fix (full results usually take 9-12 months) and it's something that only a well-trained surgeon can achieve, but it's the most durable solution.

Embrace It

Many men, of course, do not care. These men decided to embrace their hair loss and not allow it to be defined. They are the Shorn, those who hum, shave, and cut their hair to remove it from their lives before it leaves them forever. It takes balls and some getting used to, but we believe one of the most important and commendable decisions a man can make. Next time, Miller might go to the barber instead of Benjamin Moore.

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However! If you spray your hair, less is more

When it comes to these sprays, less is more. They will never give you new hair, even temporarily, so do not try to make it. Keep the spray away from your hair and gradually bring it closer if you want more coverage. Focus on areas where you have hair and want to build it up and keep the spray away from your forehead. Imagine a keratin hair powder that uses the same fibers but is usually less color and easier to use (you shake the powder into your hair instead of spraying). Consider a root powder that can be subtly painted in small areas such as hairlines and parts to create the illusion of fullness. And note to Miller, if you want to do the front, do not forget the back.

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