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Stay fit with the Crunch Bodyweight Home Workout this holiday

Between family visits and shopping gifts (and shopping gifts for a page of the family during a visit to the other ) you probably do not have time to spend hours After hours at the gym in December.

That's why the timing of Crunch's new "30-in-30" class could not have been better. The rapid group training takes you through 30 exercises in just 30 minutes. You will find movements that build up strength, develop sportiness and improve mobility. (For information on the 30-in-30 area of ​​the Crunch Fitness Center, visit the fitness center's booking page.)

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It's a lightning-fast path to overall body fitness. And even if you are not near a crunch location Why? Because the format is good.

To prove it, we built a 30-in-30 version with 5 moves that uses only bodyweight exercises. It's perfect for traveling (or while waiting for your Apple Store in a half-hour queue).

Just make the circuit below. They make every movement for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Take 6 laps for a 30-in-30 class and experience wherever you are.

        Start accelerating your heart rate and test your agility. Start to stand, squat down and quickly bring your chest to the floor. Quickly reverse the movements to come to a stop. Land and repeat the entire sequence.

              Get on the belly with hollow stones (and give yourself a chance to recover). Lie on your back, arms outstretched and legs straight. Press the lower back into the ground and lift the shoulder blades and legs a few inches off the ground. Keep this position while rocking back and forth; Make sure that your chest does not flare off.

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              • 3. Pushups to close the handle

                Now you do power. Sit in the push-up position and do a regular push-up. When you raise your body to its starting position, you jump off the ground with your hands. Let them land to get a strong push-up with their hands only an inch or two in the shoulders. Take hold of a push-up, jump off the ground with your hands and let them land in the normal push-up position. Trouble completing the jump pushups? Do each pushup repetition, then bring your hands into position for the next one.

                  You have just completed an upper body exercise; Now it's time to hammer your lower body. Start by standing and then backwards. Push back to a stop, but instead of stopping, continue to explode to make a forward fall, then return to a standstill. Change the leg that you run with each repetition. This is demonstrated with dumbbells, but you can also try a bodyweight version.

                  • . 5 Three Jacks to Squat Jack

                    Complete the round by turning your heart rate again with a Lightspeed pusher drill. Perform 3 jumps, squat down and touch the ground with your right hand. Repeat, squat this time and touch the ground with your left hand.

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