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Stay fit while on vacation

Sometimes you just have to go outside, get some fresh air and just let go. That's why we all occasionally need a break. In the end we all deserve it – a nice and relaxing holiday. A break simply means a break from your work, your hectic schedule, to break the monotony, to refresh the mind and body, but it never means a break in your health.

Almost all of my clients have this dilemma in mind that they can continue training on vacation. Now it's either your job that makes you travel several times a month. Or it's the long-awaited vacation that your family has long dreamed of.

You would not like to go on vacation or on a work trip, as this would mean a complete change in your schedule, right from training to clean eating, sleeping, etc .. Is not that what almost everyone is afraid of Has? No longer. They all have a solution, a very simple solution to everyone's surprise. Let's see how to do things at the outstation.

Before I start, I want to ask you a question. Stop eating or sleeping while on vacation, yes, times may be different, but you still manage to eat and sleep well. In fact, the first way can go far beyond the borders. Who said you can not exercise or eat clean on vacation or on an official tour? Yes, you can sometimes go overboard, but then you have the resources to balance it. In fact, I've seen people lose weight on vacation, and you can do it with these simple strategies.

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Exploring the place on foot

If you are on vacation, try walking to the place explore. Not only is it an excellent exercise, but you will also get to know the culture and the intricacies of the place much better. Take a long walk on the streets, in the jungle, in the mountains and valleys. Explore the local attractions, meet locals and enjoy the local delicacies, which in most cases are much healthier than the garbage you would find in the big cities. You would not even know how much time you need to hike if you enjoy the place. When you are tired, sit everywhere and watch the freshness of the place, drink water, eat when you are hungry, and go back.

Eat local delicacies, avoid garbage

As mentioned, enjoy the local delicacies. There are famous grocery stores in most countries around the world, and wherever you go the taste is generally the same. That is the unique selling point of these companies. But one question that you need to ask yourself is, what's the point of going to a foreign country and eating the same food you get at home, even if food is one of the worst foods you eat possibly eat for your health.

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Exercise Without Complaining

This tip is for people who are hard-core training freaks and would still like to try their daily routine To get training rate. Most people who come from a small vacation for a week or 10 days or a similar office tour feel a bit small and shallow and think that all their hard work has gone down the drain and they have all lost muscle. But you do not have to worry, because this is not the case. All cells in the body have a kind of fluid in them, which has a number of functions, eg. For example, an exchange of nutrients from outside the cell to the inside, the transfer of information and nutrients to and from the nucleus, etc. in the same way as the muscle fibers or cells have a similar liquid in it, which is called sarcoplasm.

If you eat any form of carbohydrate, it will disintegrate into its simplest form in the body and then be absorbed, d. H. glucose. The amount that is not absorbed is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver or muscles for later use. This glycogen in the muscles is stored in their cells in the sarcoplasm. With every carbohydrate molecule, your body also stores 3-4 water molecules, making your muscles look bigger and fuller. So, if you are on a low carbohydrate diet, your muscles will feel flat.

When you train with strength training, the muscles work hard and these muscles signal certain enzymes in the body to increase their glycogen stores. This is the process of adaptation by the muscles for the future threat, d. H. More weight training in the future. Now, if you go out of strength training for a few days or a week for a vacation or some other reason, the activity of these enzymes will decrease, reducing the amount of glycogen that is stored, reducing the water in your muscles and your body Muscles formed to look flatter

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An interesting way would be to introduce High-Intensity Workouts Like Sprinting Your Workouts When you're at a mountain station, there's nothing like hikes on a high hill or hiking in the woods and mountains. If you're in a sandy place like the desert or on the beach, try sprinting in the sand. Running on sand is one of the most powerful forms of training for the legs and an essential part of the training for athletes, especially sprinters, jumpers and middle / long-distance runners.

You can also cycle over long distances in the hills or on open roads and roads. An excellent addition would be to add physical exercises such as pushups, pull-ups on trees, squats, squats, walking steps, climbers, and a range of other exercises.

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