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Stay-cation Retreat Series, Part 3

Rock your body with dynamic movements that strengthen, tone and condition your muscles. A simple routine can challenge your body and allow your mind to enter your special withdrawal mode. This means your time to create an environment in which you can feel alive and perform a magical movement session.


Time is precious. It's the only thing we'll never get back, no matter how hard we try. However, it is something that we can control by prioritizing what really matters. If something is important to you, take your time. That's why it's so important to have a goal, set a timetable, and commit yourself to taking care of your health, along with the day-to-day tasks to make the most of your time.


The Stay-Nation Retreat is a time for you to be in a Zone. No distractions, no kids, no places to go … just you, your total gym, and training for a period of time.

Efficient and effective training is perfect when time is limited. Something is always better than nothing. For example, if you had five uninterrupted minutes to practice, there's plenty of time for a quick lap! A short "1

and done" set can be exactly what you need to maintain your motivation. It can also inspire you to do more next time.

Remember that you are in retreat mode. Leave the same box and change your environment to make you feel, smell or look different in a new room. It is important to take this time for you !!!


The Stay-Nation Retreat series is a progressive blog series that builds on previous workouts and connects the circuits together. There are 7 different body routines for your total gym in the series. The last challenge combines all stay -ation workouts for a monstrous track! What a (19459010] re researched) a pleasure!

* This is the third training session in the series. So check out the previous blogs and training videos to start the series over.


TOTAL BODY SKIRT # 2 [19659013] Today's Stay Training training strengthens, shapes and defines your muscles with a total cycle of your Total Gym. Do not forget to transform your exercise room to your whim.

  • Accessories: Total fitness pull-up bar and body weight by varying the incline.
  • Instructions: Perform Each Exercise for 10 Reps Then cycle on each side to the next exercise.
  • REPEAT Circulation, if your exercise time permits. Recommended 2-3 sentences.
  • Perform your own dynamic warm-up before starting to shift.
  • Complete the workout with a series of stretching exercises to regenerate your muscles.
  • CHALLENGE: If your training time permits, perform additional work on the second day (19459011) to include the cardio in today's routine. A sentence is plentiful!

NOTE: I recommend that you print out or write down the training so that you can easily refer to it to keep the circuit moving at a steady pace.

Mid high rise and connecting rods

  1. 10 pull ups & 10 pulses
  2. Straight leg lowers
  3. 10 pull ups & 10 plyos
  4. Lateral lunge & impulses
  5. Reject pushup & knee replacement

Watch the video Exercises are done.

Enjoy today's power challenge. Stay tuned for the fourth training that includes Pilates & Core work!

Resurrecting a mood,




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