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Start your metabolism with our 220-rep home workout challenge

If the weekend was sunny, today is the best time to burn it down. When working on a descending ladder, move back and forth between two moves, starting at 20, and reduce the repetitions by 2 for each new round until you hit the ground.

"Your goal here is to keep your rest time to a minimum to feel the full effect of this workout," said Andrew Tracey, fitness editor at Men & # 39; s Health UK.

Ideally, you don't want to break during a sentence, but the form comes first. So if you feel that your back rounds off, especially in the earlier sets with high repetitions, put the bell down. You work here with complex movements. So make sure you know the movements before you dive in. Here's a helpful guide on how to properly perform a kettlebell swing that you should definitely watch. Also work with a load that you feel comfortable with. This isn't the workout to be a hero and take a 70-pound or 100-pound kettlebell. A lighter bell goes far here, especially when it comes to keeping your shape.

Put your kettlebell down between rounds, stand up and draw in a little air – building enough rest between sets is key to protecting your back. "Breathe in as deeply as you just repeated before continuing," says Tracey. "This keeps you at the right pace and can naturally speed up when the repetitions decrease."

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Cup Squat: 20, 18, 16, 14 …. Repetitions

Hold the weight on your chest, then lower your hips and rise Into a squat (a). Your elbows should be between your knees below (B). Go back by tensing your glutes above. The weight could be pressed against your chest, but it is important to keep breathing.


Kettlebell Swing: 20,18,16.14 …. reps

Hold the kettlebell between your legs and initiate the movement by folding your hips back as if you were trying open a door with your glutes. Swing the weight back (A) before moving your hips forward to raise the kettlebell to shoulder height (B). Let the dynamic bring you straight back to the second repetition.


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