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Squat University shares a close hip opening exercise for lifters

Tight hips can interfere with your lifting technique and make all kinds of movements uncomfortable. Dr. Aaron Horschig, DPT from Squat University, is here to help you get a better squat and deadlift position when dealing with extremely tight hips. He stops his exercise, which he says will "open the hips immediately".

And all you need is a light to medium weight to do this. He uses a 12 kg kettlebell, but you can use anything you have on hand.

The exercise is known as a half-kneeling weight shift. To do this, go into a kneeling position.

"You will turn your downward knee outwards," says Horschig. "Take your foot and pull it in. This upper leg will stand to the side at a 45-degree angle, with your toe straight out."

From there, reach for your weight. [1

9659002] "Hold your weight and stand tall with your chest. We'll just move towards the forefoot and make sure your knee lines up with your toe," he says. "This way I not only get a good stretch in the inner part of my hip, but also a good stretch in my outer hip."

You should hold the stretch for a few seconds before resetting and running again.

However, if this movement is too easy and you don't really feel the stretch, readjust the angle of your leg.

"You'll take your tow and straighten it to the side and open your hips even more," says Dr. Hearty. "For most people, this will be a much more difficult position. But stand up with your chest, move in, and make sure your knee doesn't collapse and is chased with the tip of your toe. Take a deep breath and out and relax on the track. "

Dr. Horschig also says that this route offers the opportunity to sense whether you have an imbalance in mobility from side to side or not.

"If we can get rid of these limitations before we get under the barbell or gain some weight, it really is." We'll help us get on with the best possible technique that optimizes your performance, "he says.

He suggests doing 5 to 10 repetitions on each side, followed by another test of how your squat feels afterwards.

"Put your feet in your normal squat position and just let yourself fall," he says. "I can already sense that I can turn a lot more on the outside. Again, I want to make sure my toes are still pinched in the floor … I let my hips open and I can fall into a lower position much easier, which allows me to take better technical positions when I'm kidnapped or get a clean, especially for my lifts doing sumo deadlifts. "

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