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Squat University deadlift tutorial with Strongman Martins Licis

Dr. Aaron Horschig, DPT from Squat University and Martins Licis, the strongest man in the world, make a strong team. Dr. Horschig has helped Licis recover from pain and injury, particularly when recovering from a car accident. The duo are back together to demonstrate the components of a perfect deadlift in a new tutorial video.

“One of the big things I always try to say to young first-time deadlifting athletes is to get extremely stiff and put a lot of tension through your core and upper body before the barbell is ever lifted off the floor.” says Dr. Horschig as Licis lifts the barbell.

And on the way down, Licis does the same thing with this technique.

“You will notice on the way down that if he brings the barbell back down, he will breathe and re-tighten his core. Not only will he relax the bar back down. He will lower on purpose,”

; says Dr. Horschy.

Licis taps the floor gently with the barbell, maintaining stiffness and control, and not bouncing off the floor, which would reduce tension.

“It feels very good,” says Licis. “I definitely want to reiterate that learning to control the handlebar travel smoothly and slowly on the cam is critical to building a strong deadlift. This will help you tone your back, and if you do that cam slowly.” , a better beam path is also promoted. “

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On his second deadlift, Licis puts more weight on the bar. This rep will focus on lats.

“He’s going to lock his lats, pull back and try to use those big muscles,” says Dr. Horschy. “That will create a lot of stiffness before the bar is moved off the floor. Often times, athletes don’t reach into their lats enough, and these extend their arms enough to keep the bar nice and nice near your body. When themselves Removing that bar from your shins puts much more strain on your back and makes your lift much harder. “

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Licis also moves his knees to the side when in the down position before the bar hits the floor to touch his hips.

“A deadlift is just as much a pushing motion into the floor. When you activate those hip muscles, push your knees to the sides, and push your feet into the floor, you can make sure you’re lifting and lifting engaging those legs and upper back, pulling in both Directions, “says Dr. Horschy.

Licis notes that he uses that creating back tension is essential to prepare the lifts.

“I always tense as much as possible before I start lifting so that my upper back or shoulder blades are barely or not at all,” says Licis.

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If you ever experience a rounded back, it is important to close the elevator.

“If your back is rounded off the floor as you lift the bar, it just means you should be losing weight by this point and really focusing on core and technique stability,” says Dr. Horschy. “Focus on maintaining that tension and slowing down and building up while your body can maintain that ability.”

Licis adds more weight to the final set. This time he is concentrating on his legs.

“When I grab the barbell, I like to set it up so the crease of my hips is half the distance between my knee and my shoulder. If you grabbed a ruler, my hips would be just about right in the middle,” says Licis . “Not too high and not too low. Too high you get way too much RDL and you don’t get enough activation of the quads. And too low it is impossible to draw.”

Dr. Horschig indicates the foot position for its last pointer.

“Martins will not only drive off his heels, but also pinch his big toes and try to distribute his entire body weight on the tripod,” says Dr. Horschy.

Licis also adds a note on alignment.

“The bar is about the metatarsus, and your shoulders should line up directly with the bar, too,” Licis says.

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