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SoulCycle Trainer demos abdominal muscles

If you're looking for a new way to spice up your evening sittings at home, just pull up a chair.

Coach Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S., is a big proponent of using the equipment available to improve your training no matter how unlikely this "equipment" is. Some of this ingenuity comes from creativity, but it is mainly due to the need and needs of their customers.

"Many of my clients work from home with limited fitness equipment, so I was asked to find new ways to make the training more intense," she says. "Cue using furniture."

One of Atkins favorite modifications to her workout is adding height or introducing an uneven surface to complicate basic exercises. This plank variant is a perfect example of this ingenuity, because the move calls you more than a standard.

"For this particular exercise, the body requires much more attention to balance, arm strength and nuclear power to complete it," says Atkins.

To do the walk with raised planks, all you need is a chair or bench and some space to spread out. Just make sure the chair is sturdy enough to support your weight ̵

1; a wheeled office chair would probably be a bad choice.

  • Start in a reclining position. Squeeze your buttock muscles and torso to keep the spine straight.
  • Step on the chair / bench and then follow the other.
  • Hold your hips with your head and feet in one line foot, then the other back to the floor. This is 1 repetition.

    Add the elevated plank walk to your core training at home – or take a 4-set bank of 12 reps at the gym.

    Would you like to know more? Atkins? Take a look at our series with their training tips: Try Her Move.

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