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Someone changed a photo of Amy Schumer to look for "Insta Ready" and she was not impressed


Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Nobody can accuse Amy Schumer of setting up a front on Instagram – quite the contrary. Of late, she even posted videos in which she had to vomit herself (yes, for a reason) had posted a photo of her that had been changed to look more "insta-ready," she cried. (See also: Amy Schumer is appalled by people who do not eat carbohydrates.)

The account @get_insta_ready (which is no longer active (btw) has posted a photo of Schumer next to a edited version of the photo that apparently announces photo editing services. A screenshot posted by E! shows that the user made the photo "Like what I." with Amy Schumer ̵

1; I'll do that for you too "with hashtags like #slimface, #enlargeeyes, #contoured and #noselift Schumer commented on the post, pointing out the snowball effect these before-and-after photos may have. "" Wow, that's not good for our culture, "she wrote," I like the way I look and not what a copy of this unique woman you think she's the best way to look. "(Schumer not the only celebrity to call the excessive photoshopping pictures online and in ads Jameela Jamil is open about the veil their practice of contempt for unhealthy celebrities.)

They have no Deja Vu. Schumer has responded to a similar incident Earlier this year, an Instagram user posted a photo of her in a bikini next to a Photoshop version. In response to the user looking better in the edited version, she wrote, "I disagree, I like the way I look, this is my body, I love my body for being strong and healthy and sexy. I look like I'm hugging myself well or drinking with you, the other picture looks good, but I'm not, thank you for sharing your thoughts, too, see, we're both right. "

It is far from the first time that Schumer has drawn attention to society's stricter standards of beauty. She played in I Feel Pretty which should bring light to the dark standards, even though the execution was controversial. As she promoted the film, she put forth the pressure to fit the typical body type of Hollywood. The Leather Special . "Before I did anything, someone explained to me, 'Just to let you know, Amy, no pressure, but if you weigh over 140 pounds, it will hurt people's eyes,' she recalls. I was like 'Okay.' # 39 ;.I just bought it, I was like, "Okay, I'm new to town, so I lost weight." She lost weight before she finally appreciated her body. (When she showed up naked for the 2016 Pirelli calendar, she said she felt more beautiful than ever.)

At this point, the practice of photoshopping and facetuning photos are so commonplace that they look like NBD, which is why Schumers comments represent such an important reality check. Everything is insta-ready if you are just ready to post it.

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