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Some great news from Greatist

I have some important news to report.

Greatist was acquired by Healthline, one of the best and largest health care sites in the world.

It is undoubtedly a wild ride for digital publishers these days and we look forward to working with a brand that complements our brand so well. Healthline is great in terms of scale, quality, resources, and profitability – everything that makes it a smart business that we can align with! Oh, and we hope that some of Greatist's strengths, such as our strong brand and voice, will have an impact here as well. I'm sure our brand will continue to evolve over the coming months ̵

1; it always does – but we're delighted that Greatist is growing while maintaining its soul and important message.

When I started working with Greatist eight years ago, I set out to build a health and wellness brand that makes you feel better than worse. A brand that spoke like a friend who is only a little further away. A brand that encouraged you to improve and celebrate as you got a little better. Since then the health room has changed a lot. Wowza health is cool now! (Even salads, I think!) And while much of what's new in terms of health is presented through an insecure Instagram filter, it's heartwarming to know that much has improved for the better. And I would like to believe that we played a role in promoting the right narrative.

I can not be proud of what Greatist and his exceptional team have done, from day one to the day it really is. And I'm curious how the room will continue to change. When our Healthline chapter starts, I pause before I start working on my next big brand, which is good (if you want to continue with what I'm doing next, sign up here.) [19659002] Thank you for an amazing, unforgettable trip – and thank you all for being such a greatist.

– Derek Flanzraich
Founder & CEO, Greatist

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