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So you lose 10 pounds

Meal schedule for the week

"Food planning works because the control of portions is integrated in the preparation and distribution of meals," says Moon. It also prevents you from walking to your nearest fast food restaurant to get a comfortable meal when you need time or have nothing at hand. (Most of these orders do not help you lose weight.)

"It's easier to make healthy decisions when planning ahead," she says. "When hunger strikes you and you get caught without a plan, you're more. Maybe you can achieve what's closest to you the fastest, and possibly not the healthiest. "

To make preparing food as easy as possible, try batch cooking grains and pasta, soups and stews, and hearty vegetables that can be heated well, such as brussels sprouts, carrots, and kale," says Moon.

Another hack: "Take one serving of dinner for the next day's lunch and then turn that meal into something else for the next day's dinner," she says, for example, grilled salmon with sorghum and roasted peppers for dinner you can fish tacos with paprika and tomato salsa the next night.

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