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So you get freckles – without sun damage

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Photographer: Gabriela Hasbun, hair and make-up styling: Whittany Robinson, model: Candace Hynson and Sue Gao, designer: Lauren Park

It's no secret that freckles have seriously made comeback from the days when women blurred them with concealer. In fact, current trends are about putting make-up on makeup.

What about those tiny spotted miracles that cause all this excitement?

Freckles are caused by sun exposure on your skin. They are like tiny hickeys from the sun, also known as stimulation by UV rays. It's an enthusiastic response from your melanin, so it makes sense that many freckles dealers want them to shine and not be covered by a primer.

… In most cases, freckles are not a sign of serious damage or cancer. In fact, most of them fade with the arrival of winter.

Since I can remember, I have a few freckles on my face and body, and they have always felt socially acceptable. But I know that for many people growing up with freckles was not the best experience.

People may want to recreate freckles for a number of reasons, including:

  • Interesting or Unique
  • Representing Nature and Time in the Sun
  • A fun addition to their make-up Routines and outfit coordination as well as another way to control and curate a look

toned down by the faux freckle trend.

Some people with freckles may have experienced bullying and may have conflicting feelings about this trend. When Kesha celebrated her freckles at the beginning of the year with a post saying, "This year, I have the intent to love myself … and bring my freckles to life," were the reactions of Freckles dealers immediately noticeable.

It is important to leave room for different reactions and to recognize the potentially injured feelings of a person with regard to the development of artificial freckles – especially if they are friends.

In this sense, we have examined the various tips. Tricks and techniques for freckled make-up that brought everything together. The addition of artificial freckles can also serve to enhance existing ones.

Take a look at some freckle tutorials and get step-by-step instructions: eyeliner or eyebrow pencil are the simplest, most straightforward, and most affordable option.

How to Customize the Colors

To select the right shades of brown to complement your skin, look at your existing freckles or moles. You may already have at least one to refer to.

Or hey – why do not you choose a color?

I recently saw one of my girlfriends with dark green freckles and she totally rocked her gothic look! You're already doing something different in your make-up routine. So why not stick to it completely?

It's also about placement

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Try the following: Dab one or two eyebrows at once, from the bridge of the nose to the tips of your cheekbones , In terms of the order of points, that's up to you.

Natural freckles usually appear without a firm pattern (except for areas where the sun shines naturally). Some of my lighter and smaller freckles group together, while the darker ones often appear somewhat randomly about an inch or more apart.

If you prefer a more ordered pattern, you need to increase the size and shade of the patches. You can also puncture them sporadically, both individually and in small groups.

"Each of them has his own personality, like a unique fingerprint." You may have gone overboard with the dye. Clear the stains by pressing firmly on the freckled area with your finger before it dries, or wipe them off and start over! If you're looking for a natural look, it's all about subtlety.

Let it bind and stay.

From what I've learned about this fascinating fad, freckles work best on hydrated skin on a tinted moisturizer base (as opposed to a heavy or matted foundation).

For a long-lasting effect, use your preferred non-dull, alcohol-free setting spray and get ready to feel like a sweet AF! If you feel particularly red, let yourself be slightly red under the cheekbones, the apples of your cheeks.

Perhaps the most dramatic – and certainly the most durable and expensive – option for freckles is cosmetic tattooing. The technique, referred to as freckles, is to deposit pigments under the skin and produce permanent or semi-permanent freckles.

Semipermanent pigmentation lasts between six months and one year.

Tattooing allows for different sizes and shades deep layers to the freckles that make them appear more realistic.

A video by Buzzfeed Australia and As / Is illuminates the pro-freckles perspective of some people undergoing cosmetic tattoos.

All featured individuals expressed their love of freckles through comments such as:

  • "They are that dust of cuteness."
  • "It's just the sun kissed look."
  • "Society tells us that they are imperfect – that just makes them so much more attractive to me. "
  • " Each of them has his own personality, like a unique fingerprint. "
  • " I've always been interested in features that was not necessarily known to be beautiful. "
  • " Just spray it over my face as if a fairy had shit in my face! [ my favorite]

While the video focuses on people who want freckles so much that they get tattooed, the cosmetic tattoo artist also notes that some people who naturally have freckles do not like them until they let themselves be ablasern.

If you opt for permanent employment, research to find a safe and experienced professional.

You may want to consult your doctor or dermatologist first, as some skin types, especially sensitive skin or darker skin tones, may be poorly responsive to tattooing and lead to scarring. If you get the go-ahead, stay calm and freckled!

You may have seen some women using henna, especially mehndi cones, to give their faces semipermanent freckles. Just as fake freckles can be a sensitive issue, so can henna be taken out of context.

This method has a higher potential for catastrophic (but transient) cosmetic results than the eyeliner technique. The greater concern, however, is whether it contributes to a significant problem in the make-up and fashion world: cultural appropriation.

Although the freckles themselves are not appropriated to any particular culture, the use of henna for their application may be problematic due to the sacred roots of henna in certain cultures, religions, and rituals. For example, Mehndi is one of the most important rituals of an Indian bride on her wedding day and is also often used at festivals.

The perspectives for the use of henna are different. Some people believe that it is a tool like ink and that there is no problem until more context exists. Others believe that this is problematic, especially if you do not support community brands (eg shopping in Indian, African or Pakistani stores).

If you decide to use henna, be careful as it may cause stains. If you find that you made a mistake or want to remove the henna, try the following:

1. Massage an oil like olive oil or jojoba into your skin.

. 2 Let rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

. 3 Wash it with warm water and then clean it twice.

Although you can control make-up and tattooed freckles, you can not predict where naturally occurring freckles occur. It is not recommended to sunbathe in freckled skies since sun exposure damages your skin. In most cases, however, freckles are not indicative of serious damage or cancer. In fact, most of them fade with the arrival of winter.

Remember: your freckles, your body, your rules.

Natural freckles depend on skin type and genetics. All people, regardless of their ethnicity or skin color, can get freckles, especially if they wear the MC1R gene and are prone to sunburn.

Freckles can occur on various parts of the body such as chest and arms. in addition to the face.

Freckle Facts

Our Power sisters at Healthline are firmly convinced that it is risky to intentionally expose themselves to the sun. Intentional tanning may increase the risk of skin cancer in people with lighter skin tones. Sun cream can really be our savior – not only in summer, but in every season!

Remember this: regardless of social trends, beauty is about you and what you make of it. Naturally occurring freckles were always part of the human body.

In the past, people, especially women, were taught to use make-up to hide freckles because they were considered socially unacceptable by the world of "beauty." But now we know how to create, improve and celebrate their coolness.

After all, it's up to you (of course considering the safety precautions) how to rock your make-up (or no-make-up) look) – and the same goes for your freckles' freckles and freckles!

Whether you choose to enhance existing ones or create your own freckled look, remember: your freckles, your body, your rules.

Rachel Otis is a somatic psychotherapist who has a passion for physical justice rights and intersectional feminism. Follow her on Instagram.

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