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Skin care tips for the T-zone of your face

Do you know the T zone of your face? People with oily or combination skin would know what this T zone is and how it affects your skin care routine. The horizontal line on your forehead and the vertical line to the tip of your nose. You would see excess oil secretion, blackheads and acne in these areas. These are the visible areas that a person would notice on the face first, and of course you don't want others to see it. If you're also struggling with this problem, we have some helpful T-zone skin care tips for you.

What is the T zone?

The area of ​​the T zone consists of the forehead, nose and chin. This region is extremely oily and there are more blackheads / whiteheads in the area. The reason this area is oily is because of the presence of oil glands. This is the reason why this reason gets more breakout compared to the rest of the face. It is therefore important to maintain this area appropriately. The skin care routine for T-Zone is also different and you have to do it, as experts say. Read on to know the appropriate skin care system.

Skin Care Tips for the T-Zone

Here are 5 important tips for treating your T-Zone and improving your oily or combination skin. [19659002] 1. The right cleanser is a must

There are four types of skin – normal, dry, oily and combination skin. All skin types have different needs. If your skin is dry, your skin needs moisture and moisture. For oily and combination skin types, you need a gel-based facial cleanser. This helps in reducing the excess oil from the pores.

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2. Always apply a toner.

With the toner, the skin can remove the excess oil from the skin and relieve the irritation after cleaning. Apply toner to the cheeks as they are drier. It is better to use a natural anti-acne toner with salicylic acid. This toner minimizes oil secretion on the skin and prevents ace breakouts. You can use the toner twice a day, one after showering and a second when you wash your face before bed.

3. Use pore strips

Pore strips are specially designed to clean the pores and eliminate the problem of blackheads if you suffer from them. These streaks can get hard on your skin. Therefore, you need to apply a toner and then a moisturizer to the area.

Before using the pore strip, read the instructions carefully when using it for the first time.

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4. Use an oil blotter for the T zone.

These leaves absorb the excess oil from the face to remove the extra shine caused by the oil. This sheet is a quick fix that you can use if you want to reduce the visible oil on your face. Keep it in your handbag and pull one out whenever you want. Oil blotter sheets are both portable and affordable.

5. Use a face mask

You must use a face mask designed for skin prone to oil or acne. Better start with activated carbon, tea tree, or a clay-based face mask. This would help your skin to revive and prevent breakouts in the area of ​​the T-zone.

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