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Simple Diet tweaks helped this guy lose 75 pounds – and his dad Bod

• In the thirties and forties, Dylan Thomas increased due to changes in lifestyle and exceeded the mark at more than 230 pounds.
• A regular workout program with free weights, pushups, and boards helped him achieve dramatic results.
• He also limited his calorie intake to 1200 calories per day, which helped him complete a dramatic 75-pound weight loss transformation.

Dylan Thomas suspected that gaining weight was only part of life as a father. That's why it's called "father," he mused. The 47-year-old Deputy Principal from Calgary, Canada, saw the extra pounds he had gained and rationalized them as what happened after a certain age. He ducked at photos of himself, but as a father and teacher, he thought he was "not really a man anymore, and wearing this layer of fat was just right."

This philosophically resigned perspective came after a lifetime of weight fluctuations. As a child, he had a heart defect that made him chronically underweight. At the age of 1

0, open heart surgery corrected the problem and he began to gain weight. "I've never really thought about it," he says, "and did not notice that I'm getting chubby until I'm in junior high and other students annoy me." once again; An active lifestyle kept him slim in his twenties.

In his thirties, through a desk job and what he calls comfort for creatures, he returned to adulthood. He has gained 200 pounds, 30-40 of his 20-year-old figure. "I thought to myself," This is normal, a man in this stage of life – 200 pounds must be the norm, "he says, the weight continues to rise and Thomas noticed it." I saw some family photos and thought to myself, "Oh God, do I really look like this? "He says.

He even avoided weighing himself until one day he just had to know. He stepped on the scales and there it was – 230 pounds. He changed his diet a little and decreased slightly. But he was still sedentary. "And then I noticed," he says, "probably part of a mid-life crisis, but I thought to myself," Why the hell can not I live like I was in my twenties? "title =" image "class =" lazyimage lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/mh-7-29-19-ii-transformation – social-1564486848.jpg? resize = 480: * "/>

Dylan Thomas

He began recovering his old body, with a daily home program of free weights, pushups and planks calories he consumed about 1200 a day, in about four months he was He started looking for new clothes, and as he got even thinner, he started consulting a nutritionist and working to build lean muscle Stay around 155 pounds – 75 pounds less than his peak.

Reclaiming his body has given him new self-confidence, he is no longer afraid of selfies. "I feel more like a man than I am in years," he says, and as bad as that sounds, they treat me People better (which I still slightly displease). "He can walk a mountain, as he did at the age of 22.

For anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps, it is about commitment "There are no" cheat days "because there is nothing to cheat," he says. "Either you do it or you do not. While each day is a new day, all these days together have a big impact.

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