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Simple changes helped this guy lose 70 pounds and get six-pack abs

• Through years of unhealthy eating habits, Kevin O & Connor's weight rose to over 200 pounds.
• O & # 39; Connor promised to lose weight before he turned 40 and get six-pack abdominals.
• After making simple changes, such as combining the CICO diet with a hybrid workout routine, O & Connor completed a dramatic 70-pound weight loss transformation.

Kevin O'Connor was just like many ordinary people – a hard-working father who had trouble properly exercising or eating, disguising unhealthy food, and drinking only a little too much. That is, until he remembered a simple childhood promise he had made himself: to have a six-pack until his 39th birthday.

That promise has almost fallen by the wayside. "I had been trying to lose weight for years, but I always saw it as a diet and a temporary solution," says O & Connor, 41

, who lives in Dublin, Ireland. "I used to eat three, sometimes four times a week. I did not pay attention to my calories. and there was hardly any movement.

When he was 20, O & Connor had given up all the sports he practiced. The work began to take over his life. It was not long before he reached his worst point and put 211 pounds on his 5-foot 8-frame. In the next few decades he hovered more or less there. However, when he turned 39, O'Connor had a momentous year in which he gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The event triggered the memory of the promise he had made about his health.

"When I was a boy, maybe 11 or 12 years old, I saw a journal cover – it could have been Men's Health – and the cover said," Even with 39 can you still have six -pack "and that has always grabbed me," says O & Connor. In his twenties, he thought, "I have years to 39," so he continued to eat and drink what he wanted. Because of this behavior, when he was 39, O & # 39; Connor felt that he was far behind his goals.

"I was disappointed that I did not keep my childhood promise and that my daughter would now have a fat, overweight father," says O'Connor. Dissatisfied with this thought, O'Connor revised his goal: instead of getting a six-pack before 39, he got a six-pack during 39.

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To get there, O'Connor decided to explore healthy habits that he could easily sustain & # 39; I've always heard that it took at least 30 days to develop a new habit, and he's committed to doing at least that much. Next, he was thinking about the "why." Why did he try Now, getting well and why did he become unhealthy in the first place? "I have kept these two things as my main motivators. I thought about it several times a day, "he says.

For his nutritional component, O Connor calculated his basal metabolic rate (BMR), the number of cal ories your body needed to function after calculating his He committed to a calorie-in-calorie-out method for weight loss – also known as CICO – which he traced using the MyFitnessPal app . (He uses the app to date, and has recorded more than 850 consecutive days.)

With only the changes in his diet, O'Connor was able to achieve initial results after about a week. "Weight loss has only spurred me to trust my process and stick to it." O'Connor says, however, for most people it's inevitable to reach a plateau – and O'Connor was no exception – when the pounds did not drop off so quickly, he switched things over, went to a gym and followed the Men's Health hybrid exercise routine.

"I changed that a bit, but it started as my structure," says O'Connor, adding that he now drops to a meager 141 pounds, which means a weight loss of 70 pounds. "I feel like one another man, "he says." My attitude is completely different, I tend to trust my abilities more, and when my abdominal muscles finally came through, it was like something I'd never experienced before, I'd waited decades for that and there they were. "

Although he has undoubtedly worked hard and eaten along the way, O'Connor still believes that it was about the" why, "which was most important, and he believes it can Helping other people who are trying to get well. "What I tell people who come to me for weight loss coaching is, above all, that they have a strong reason why they want to lose weight, that's of the utmost importance that keeps you going every day, it's d The thing that brings you to the gym, records your meals and weighs your food. You have to have a reason for it. Once you know your why, the rest is easy. "

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