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Sign up for the Swimathon 2019 and swim up to 5km for charity

For the most part, there is a shortage of charity events for swimmers. Runners are in good hands, while hikers and cyclists usually have several excellent events per month to choose from, but bathers have little more than a handful of organized opportunities to float their things in the water and raise something for charity.

This means you must seize every opportunity you receive – sign up now for Swimathon, which takes place at the end of March and raises money for Cancer Research UK and the Marie Curie Charity.

Even if you are Not a swimmer, you should not visit Swimathon, as it is the perfect destination when a fitness kick comes to an end in the New Year, especially as you can do all your indoor training while swimming. Just think of all the people who train for the London Marathon while splashing around in the heated indoor pool and splashing in the sauna or whirlpool for five minutes.

The Swimathon 201

9 runs from 29 to 31 March various challenges that make it suitable for everyone. Beginners can swim 400m, 1.5km or even 2.5km, which means 100 laps of a 25m pool and is a great destination. Experienced swimmers can opt for 5km or even the Triple 5km Challenge, where they swim 5km each day of the event. There are also 1.5 km and 5 km of team swimming that you can jump on if you want to share the load.

The event is taking place at 600 pools across the country, so there is certainly a session near you where you can finish your distance. These sessions are three hours long so you have enough time to keep track of your laps for the distance you've signed up for.

If you can not complete any of the sessions, you can still sign up for the MySwimathon challenge wherever you are. Set the distance you choose between Friday, March 22 and Sunday, April 7 Train stuck at any pool. Then just spend your time online.

The Swimathon website provides training advice for the event and will have full 10-week training plans available from mid-January.

Swimathon entry costs £ 14 If you sign up before January 13, the price will be reduced to £ 9.10. There is no specific fundraising goal, but of course you want to get as much as you can with your swim for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie.

Register with the Swimathon

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