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Shay Mitchell shares her attitude towards sleep as a new mom in quarantine

In our Sleep with… In a series we talk to people from different careers, backgrounds and stages of life to find out how they do it sleep Magic happen.

Every parent knows the first year is full of surprising ups and downs. But as an actor from Shay Mitchell Little lying beasts, You, and doll face The fame gave birth to their daughter Atlas (with partner Matte Babel) last October. Little did she know it would look like this. “[Matte and I] definitely learn how to be co-parent and balanced, ”Mitchell tells SELF. “He’s going to get a Zoom call while I’m watching [Atlas]and we rearrange our schedules to suit the other person and our needs. We do shifts. “

In addition to working with the mom, Mitchell is working with Pampers to offer free online childbirth classes during the pandemic. It̵

7;s a thing that is close to her because she has just gone through the prenatal phase herself, which I do. “You will never feel 100 percent prepared [childbirth]But what you can do is educate yourself enough to make you feel better. Last year I was able to take part in personal birth and pregnancy preparation courses. And of course women out there can’t do that, ”she says, which is why she spreads the word about Pampers’ classes. “You can do it in the security of your own home and still ask any questions you have.”

As Mitchell navigates our new normal and new parenting at the same time, she takes things one day at a time – and does everything right by spending the quarantine at home with Atlas, Matte, and their dog Angel. Read on for Mitchell’s advice on sleep training, motherhood fears, and how she takes her time when locked out.

Have an hour to yourself:

[Atlas’] Nap schedule is really my time to fit into whatever I have to do. I take an hour for her 10 o’clock nap. I don’t plan anything until then, except for a workout, if I want to work out that day or if I just want to stay an extra hour in bed and do absolutely nothing, then this is my time for it: meditate, bathe, go for a walk with Angel, catch up on a show, do a FaceTime with my friends, make a face mask. I know I have an hour each day to be with myself and think and think about what I’m going to do for the rest of the day. That really helped me.

What happens after Atlas goes to bed:

Atlas goes to bed pretty early – and then I have a lot of time for myself or us. So it was nice to have this fixed schedule.

Preparing dinner after putting Atlas to bed was our routine. We set them down at 8 p.m. and after that we’re in the kitchen preparing dinner. I used to not eat late, but now that her schedule is what it is, this is the new tradition here: put her in bed, make yourself dinner, and reconnect. In the morning, Atlas wakes up at 7:30 or 8 which is also very nice. She now has a schedule of 11 to 12 hours of sleep and then waking up with a full bottle, and now we’re starting on solids.

When her daughter sleeps:

[Atlas] is a good sleeper. I am really happy that she allowed us sleep really well. We were really able to train them during that time.

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