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Shawn Spears slays some demons at AEW's All Out

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Shawn Spears became known as "Perfect 1

0" after years of pursuing his dreams with WWE. Despite the immense popularity of the character and the move to SmackDown Live, many wrestling professionals felt that the grappler from Ontario, Canada, had been overlooked, and so the talented actor seemed destined to be taken as the "Great Hand" would never be achieved its potential.

With the birth of All Elite Wrestling, Shawn has regained control of his career and is back in business. The 18-year-old veteran has mastered the ups and downs of street life and recently struck down the house with his match against Cody Rhodes at AEW's All Out.

Muscle & Fitness was fortunate enough to catch up with Shawn as he prepares for the biggest match of his life on All Out. We talked about his training approach, his experiences, the competition between WWE and AEW, and his goals for the future.


Thank you for speaking to us, Shawn. How do you handle training and condition?

The older I got and how much time I spent in the wrestling industry, for almost 18 years, and what tax implications have affected me body, it has changed over the years.

I'm training almost daily, and especially with the opening of a Florida school, you know, we're in the ring three to five days a week. I'm also in the gym regularly and I also have a gym in my house so I'm insured in all areas but every day I do some kind of physical activity.

Over the past five years, pro-wrestlers' diet and dietary approaches have changed. Some of the boys and girls have become vegan, others prefer low carbohydrate intake. What are your preferences?

Yes, it seems there is a different way to eat each month, a better way to eat healthier, but the end result is to promote a healthy lifestyle. This is important to me, not only for professional wrestling but also for my livelihood. But in the aftermath, everything is done for me.

Travel becomes a big factor. When I'm at home, it's easy because it's easier to stick to the schedule. Pizza is very tempting (laughs).

Pro wrestlers have an intense travel plan that goes from city to city, from show to show, and then it's late at night, and you're in the car and you have gas stations and fastfood and stuff. How do you make the right decisions?

Nowadays, thanks to the technology, food apps and businesses [offering pre-prepared meals] that are available to all athletes, it is very easy to eat properly and get their hands on healthy foods.

Personally, I try to stay away from sugar and carbohydrates after 8pm. It's more protein and watching portion sizes, much of it depends only on discipline and mind over matter.

How important is it for prospective wrestlers to receive legitimate training?

The key thing That I'm going to tell our students that I and Tyler Breeze have a school in Florida is that it's very important to be coached by credible [pro wrestling] trainers who have miles in their car and stuck in her body. It is very, very important, to be trained in the right way, first and foremost for safety reasons and the fact that this is a very exhausting business. mentally, physically, right down the line.

If you are not properly trained or the ropes are not properly shown, with the right people, you will waste a lot of time and effort.

It's been eleven years since you debuted with the WWE version of the ECW brand. What did you learn about yourself in these eleven years?

Wow, really? It goes by so fast. It's wild to think about it. I think the biggest thing I learned about myself is that I do not stop, but stop. There have been many times in my career that many people would understand when I said goodbye to pro-wrestling.

But I've always had this belief in myself or that gut feeling, whatever you want to call it: if I held out long enough, eventually something would roll in my direction, and that's exactly what happened to AEW.

You never know how close you really are to something. I feel a lot of people [in life] many people let go or give up just before they really meet their moment and turn everything around.

This is such an important message for anyone who wants to achieve something in their lives. How excited are you to be a part of AEW? With the newly founded alternative wrestling promotion seems to be a lot of attention?

You said exactly what it is, an alternative product. We are very happy to bring something new. The tide raises all ships, you know? AEW is the tide, whether someone wants to admit it or not. I say it loud and proud: AEW has raised the bar. Everyone feels better because they came along. They are so excited to introduce their product and talent to the loyal fan base that has built it up to this point. We've already started, but we kicked off on 31st August (with All Out) and then go worldwide (with regular television) one month later on a worldwide basis. AEW is changing the game.


They use the administrative services of the legendary Tully Blanchard. How is this relationship developing?

If you had told me half a year ago I was in another company, I would stand by Tully Blanchard's side, I would be in one of the co-main events for All Out, I would have said you are absolutely crazy.

But that's a crazy industry, and it's changing. And now I'm well next to a quarter of the largest faction (The four riders). I went to San Antonio about a month ago and Tully lives there. I could spend the day with him. I went to his house, had dinner and went to the gym together. This guy is still a machine (at 65). He still does 500 squats a week, as he used to do with Ric Flair.

I heard many stories [from Tully] about the Rhodes family, their history and ancestry, and how Tully went to war with Dusty on a regular basis, probably more than anyone else. That's why I first inquired about his achievements, we continue this tradition. I continue the tradition and go to war with a Rhodes. That's our focus and we're all in business.

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You've definitely taken a more serious stance lately. Now that you've blown up Cody Rhodes with a chair, it's time to make others look good for a while, which is not an easy task.

] I am very proud to work with everyone. Whether it's a brand new talent, whether it's someone who worked four or five years or even 15 to 20 years in wrestling, I'm proud to cover the spectrum when it comes to preparation and execution of a match goes.

But that can put you in a drawer too, and I've been stuck in a drawer for a long time. On the one hand, I was very reliable when they (WWE) had to do something. I was there and did it, but at the same time I could not break the glass ceiling that seemed to be above my head. That has changed.

I took my own career and got the opportunity to be on a worldwide platform (in AEW) without restrictions.

Well, that's all up to me. Now there are no more "Oh, well, maybe you will be held back or it's not him, it's creative." I want to keep that out of the way, I want everything to fall on my shoulders now. Regardless of what happens when I'm seventy, I can look back and say I did as I wanted, and I gave everything I've got.


The war with Cody could affect AEW's weekly premiere from October 2nd. You are no stranger to weekly television. What do you think about being a part of weekly AEW television?

It is monumental, historical. I saw TNT yesterday and I see ads for AEW. It's amazing to me that after almost 20 years we'll have an alternative wrestling product on a big station and I'll be a part of it. You know, I have not done many premieres in my career, I'm excited about it and if you do not like it? There is something wrong with you.

In terms of live TV, it is a different animal. It's big and moves very fast. It will be very interesting for me and I'm curious how the young talent adapts to it. I have a lot of TV experience, as well as Cody, Kenny (Omega) and The Young Bucks. It will be a wonderful and very fast learning curve for many young talents emerging in AEW. Sometimes it's better to be thrown straight into the fire and find a way out than just standing around. Overall we are excited and ready, our audience is ready and hopefully the world is ready.

It was recently announced that WWE will bring its NXT brand into contact with AEW on Wednesday evenings. You have a long history with NXT, so we need your opinion on this?

I think, no matter who is on which time slot, everyone will be motivated independently. We'll do our thing on Wednesday night, we'll rip it up and if you watch, fantastic, we think you're in a hell of a pleasure, and if you do not watch, you'll miss a hell of a show, it's really that easy , But that's the beauty of an alternative that benefits the audience. Not just the audience of AEW, WWE, Impact or Ring of Honor, but also everyday wrestling fans. You now have another option.

I can not speak for everyone, but we do not see it as a head-to-head contest where we have to throw these guys out of the water, we'll go out there and do our thing.

AEW's brand new weekly show begins on October 2nd at TNT Drama in the US. Check your local offers for air time in other areas. Shawn Spears can be found on Twitter: @ Perfec10n or Instagram: @theshawnspears


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