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Shawn Rhoden reveals progress pictures on the way to Mr. Olympia

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When the IFBB Pro League athletes step on the stage, they are at the end of their preparation and in top condition. People who are unfamiliar with the sport may think that bodybuilders always look like that ̵

1; and social media can back it up – but every bodybuilding fan knows that this is far from the truth. To form an incredibly chiseled body for a competition requires consistency, patience, and confidence in the process, and the Olympic champion Shawn "Flexatron" of 2018 took Instagram to prove just that.

Rhoden shared a series of photos documenting his "Road to the O" from 2018, and his post proves that even bodybuilders go through phases at the Olympics level, where it's difficult to get them on stage map.

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Let's talk about real life … and when I mean real life, I'm not just talking about Instagram or what we're both showing. Let's face it, people do not like to show the worst moments. And let's be real bodybuilders who do not like showing off when they look "small" or when they look "fat" in the off-season. But in reality there is a process in every sport, every profession, every goal, and so on. , 💪🏾There are also pictures from my "Road to O" until a few days before the show. I know my body. I rested when needed, I ate as I should, and worked hard on the way. I may have looked small, tall, and inappropriate during my trial. However, when it was show day, I was exactly where I should be and won the title of Mr. Olympia 2018.. , , DO NOT be discouraged by EVERYONE because you are in this moment. Focus on you and your goals. Know and trust your process. Work hard and stay on your own track. You got this 💪🏾

A post by Shawn Rhoden (@flexatronrhoden) on November 18, 2018 at 20:19 PST

is shared. The Comment section is overwhelmingly positive, many of them thank Rhoden for sharing a page of his preparation that bodybuilders do not often show to the public. Although physical updates and comparisons like Rhoden are becoming increasingly popular among female instagrammers, it is still rare for any of the guys to perform a physical off-season update. Rhoden hopes that his will will inspire his followers to pursue their own goals and to trust the process.

"Do not be discouraged by anyone because you are in this moment," wrote Rhoden in the post. "Stay focused on yourself and your goals, know and trust your process, work hard and stay in your own tracks, you have that."

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