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Shannen Doherty says that the processing of Luke Perry's death is "impossible"

Actress Shannen Doherty on Tuesday mourned her loss Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star, Luke Perry, who died on Monday after suffering a massive stroke last week.

"I'm struggling with this loss and having trouble with my thoughts," she wrote in an emotional Instagram post on Tuesday. "Processing is currently not possible."

Perry, 52, was hospitalized last Wednesday after suffering a severe stroke at his Los Angeles home. He died on Monday.

He had played Riverdale as Fred Andrews, the father of the protagonist Archie Andrews, at the time of his death and was celebrated on many roles on television, on stage and film over the years, but will most likely be remembered for its iconic turn as Bad Boy Dylan McKay on 9021

0 . In this role he was a true embodiment of youthful anxiety – an echo of James Dean for the 1990s.

Doherty starred in the show as Brenda Walsh, one of McKay's two biggest love interests.

"There is a special kind of love one has for one another when one experiences the journey we made on 90210 and, of course, life in general," Doherty said Monday after Perry's death. "Luke and I worked on show ideas for ourselves. We wanted to work together again and create something special and meaningful for our fans at this point in our lives. "

" I'll miss him every day, "she added. "Every minute, every second."

Doherty said the release said they had lost touch after the series ended, but reconnected after the actress's breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. "Luke was smarter, calmer, more modest and complex man with a heart of gold and a never-ending fountain of integrity and love, "said the actress, who has since remitted herself." Luke stretched out to me during my cancer journey, and we immediately resumed, though also older and wiser, but this connection remained in tact. "

His sudden death put her in a" shock, "she said . And said the actor considered his family – two children, a former Wife and a fiancé – as his "greatest achievement."

"My heart goes to his family and friends who have been blessed (and mine) by his light," wrote Dohe rty after his death in social media.

Doherty was part of a commemorative cast of actors, including Molly Ringwald, who played Perry's wife at Riverdale .

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