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Shake your biceps with dumbbell bicep curls

Working out muscles is a good thing, but there are clearly some parts of the body where extra focus brings with it certain benefits. It will never hurt to have big upper arms when you are in town, and sometimes you just want to look in the mirror after a workout and make something impressive – hey, we all do it. You can not go wrong with bicep curls, but it's not all about glamor. By training your arms with curls and other variations, you can improve grip. This can make all the difference if you try to do the last pull-ups and other pull exercises.

How to Make Barbell Bicep Curls [19659003] Grab some dumbbells. Do not choose weights that you can barely lift, you want to do ten to twelve repetitions. Hold the dumbbells on your sides with your palms facing forward. Bend your elbow to curl the weights to the chest. Do not sit back and do not swing the dumbbells, as you use momentum rather than your muscles. Correct this by placing elbows on your sides and keeping your upper arms steady throughout the entire repeating time. Shoot three sentences.

You can choose to curl or alternate both dumbbells at the same time. In both cases, however, it is important to lower the weight to the starting point after each repetition so that the muscle is properly stretched and everything works the muscle fibers.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl Form Tips

Drop the weight

Not literally at the end of the set, but at the beginning ̵

1; by reducing the load you lift.

Why It Works: "Many people believe that the growing biceps involve using larger dumbbells, but that's not the case," says former Royal Marines PTI Sean Lerwill. "When you reduce weight and do slow and controlled repetitions, your body will build up faster because your biceps do all the work so you can not work with momentum."

Fix your elbows

"Your elbows need to Keeping the correct position, close to the sides, so that they do not move when you lift the weight and then lower the weight, "says Lerwill.

Why it works: When your elbows move during a repetition, "Take the tension off your biceps. "You can make the movement even more effective by keeping your elbows behind your body. This prevents any repetition and prevents the biceps from remaining active. "Adds Lerwill."

Turning Your Wrists

One of the main tasks of the bicep muscles is to turn your wrists from the outside so you can use it to your advantage during dumbbell curls

Why it Works: "Begin with the palms of your hands facing each other, and as you raise each dumbbell, begin twisting your wrists to point palms to the front of your shoulders in the uppermost position "Lerwill says," Reposition the movement as you push down to activate more muscle fibers. "

Press Up

One of the best ways to add muscle mass is to get a good pump and squeezing your biceps on a curl will accomplish this.

Why it Works: "A pump looks and feels great, but science suggests; This is also an important factor to initiate a response to muscle growth, "says Lerwill. "When you press the biceps at the top of each pause, the connection between the mind and muscle is amplified, pumping more blood into the tissue."

Take your time

If the construction of a larger biceps is a breed, think Remember a marathon as a sprint.

Why It Works: "The noise of your reps is one of the biggest sins of practice, because you do not train your muscles nearly hard enough, so you ultimately waste your time," says Lerwill. "A strict pace of powerful reeling and slow weight loss makes a big difference to unlocking the growth potential."

Tighten Your Triceps

Stretching your arm at the bottom of each curl-Reply will ensure that you are able to move freely.

Why it Works: "When you stretch your triceps to fully stretch your arm before you start another curl, you move your bicep muscles through a full range and work harder. "Lerwill says. "It also serves to refocus your mind before each repetition, and a greater focus means better results."

Biceps Curls Variations

Barbell Biceps Curls

While the Dumbbell Biceps Curl is ideal to handle each arm in isolation, if you want to really increase the weight you lift, you can use it You best a barbell. Do not lean back during the exercise to lift the bar. If you feel you need it, you probably have too much ambition for the weight you have chosen. Try to raise your back against a wall to learn how to avoid it.

Reverse curls

Change the weights so that your palms face backwards at the beginning of the curls. Make sure you're using lighter weights than the standard bicep curl, as this is a tricky way to test your grip and forearm strength to the max. The benefit of building more grip and strength on the forearm becomes apparent when you tackle just about every other lift. So the reverse curl is worth expanding your workout plan.

Hammer Curl

This variant targets the brachialis muscle located on the outside of your upper arms next to the biceps. This is an often neglected part of the body. If you visit the gym with the specific goal of building massive upper arms, you want to target your brachialis muscles. You can do this with the hammer curl, which uses much the same shape as the biceps curl, except that you are facing the dumbbells with the palms facing each other throughout the movement.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl Workout

Follow With this quick workout, you can build strength in your arms: Perform a set of five repetitions with a heavy weight and make sure you control the weight or weights , Reduce the weights as you increase the reps with minimal pause. Go from five reps to eight to twelve, then work to failure.

Additional coverage by Scott Blake ( @Scott_Blakey )

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