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Set goals by asking this a question

<! – One of the worst aspects of my career at the company was all meetings: Monday meetings, weekday check-ins, mandatory all-round meetings, quarterly reviews. Meetings via external meetings. It never ended!

Being a rebel personality type, it was difficult for me to visit each one without asking what it was for (and whether or not it's worth investing my sweet time). Since most meetings can be summarized in a two-sentence email, am I right?

I began to ask, "What is the intent of this meeting?" when I received invitations. And I was surprised that there were often none, there was a lame one ("this is just a meeting here!") Or if an intention was intentional, nobody knew how to clearly define it. On these occasions I went out!

This is a great question that can be applied to more than sticky meetings: What's the intent behind it? So you can apply this to a more deliberate life. Ask yourself:

1. What is the purpose behind my training?

Do you exercise because you like or hate your body? I guarantee you that appreciation-driven training is not only more effective, but also more fun, and you are much more likely to repeat it. Do you work well in jeans, keep your blood pressure at bay, and sleep well at night? And because your body has cared for you so well all these years and you want to pay back the love? Kind! Great intention.

Or do you train, because apparently all the others do, you dislike the mirror and move from the movement trend into the movement trend? Imagine what your intention is to encourage you to meet this yoga class at 7am instead of paying another cancellation fee.



2. What is the intention in this friendship?

Is your goal to rise, enjoy intimate moments and laugh? Or should not you insult her by hanging out every weekend because she is sensitive and will scold her otherwise? Is your intention stimulated by joy and a sincere desire for closeness? Or are you connected by a strange, old sense of loyalty?

Their positive intent is best for both parties (though it does not seem so at the moment). The best relationships are born of the purest and most loving intentions.

. 3 What is my intention behind my career?

Do you fulfill your life's work? Do you obey your vocation? Are you using your talents to add value to this world and to achieve a sustainable, meaningful impact? Do you regret that you regret your life by not holding back your job and giving it your all?

Some of us are in a position to concentrate (at least for the time being) on ​​a rather important, reserved astonishment about how to pay off debts and put a roof over our own heads (or those of our families). But if you feel financially more comfortable and complacent, you just work a job that your parents like to do, or you just take up space in an office because hey – that seems to be a real life, then it's on Time to change your mind. [19659003] You may be working to pay for your living expenses but moonlight at night with a radical hustle and bustle that lifts you up. Your intent to salary is clear: you are your own customer until you can do what you want (full time employment) (shout to my co-workers – I was there once with you)! The intention that promotes your work is a big factor in your overall life satisfaction. If you do not like your current intent, ask: what's missing? Then go and find it! [19455933]
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